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Michael Saward › Texts

Short Name: Michael Saward
Full Name: Saward, Michael, 1932-2015
Birth Year: 1932
Death Year: 2015

Michael John Saward (b. Blackheath, Kent, England, 1932) was residentiary Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, and a church commissioner and member of the general synod of the Church of England. Educated at Eltham College, Bristol University, and Tyndale Hall, he was ordained in the Church of England in 1956. Saward served in several congregations and was radio and television officer for the Church Information Office (1967-1972). His publications include Leisure (1963), Couldn’t Care Less (1966), Don't Miss the Party (1974), and All Change (1983). Associated with the Jubilate Group for a number of years, he has written some sixty hymns and served as text editor for Hymns for Today's Church (1982).

Bert Polman

Texts by Michael Saward (38)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Wind of God, dynamic SpiritMichael Saward (Author)English2
Who honors courage here, who fights the devilMichael Saward (Author)English3
When things began to happenMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)1
When God delivered IsraelMichael A. Saward (Author)English4
Welcome to another dayMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)4
Through all our days we'll sing the praiseMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)English3
This is the truth which we proclaimMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)1
These are the facts as we have received themMichael Saward, b. 1932 (Author)English8
The Son of Man has been revealedMichael Saward (Author)English2
The Son of God goes forth to warMichael Saward (born 1932) (Adapter)English1
The earth is yours, O GodMichael Saward (Author)6
Stand up, O God, be present nowMichael Saward (Author)English2
Sing glory to God the FatherMichael Saward, b. 1932 (Author)English2
Ring from your steeple, bells of gladness!Michael Saward (born 1932) (Author)3
Protect me, God: I trust in youMichael Saward, b. 1932 (Author)English9
Praise we offer, Lord of gloryMichael Saward (born 1932) (Adapter)1
O Trinity, O TrinityMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)2
O Sacrifice of Calvary, O Lamb whose sacred bloodMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)1
O Holy Spirit, giver of lifeMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)1
My trust I place in God’s good graceMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)1
Lord, Thy church on earth is seekingMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)English1
Lord of the cross of shameMichael Saward (Author)English3
[Lord of Glory, in our Darkness]Michael Saward (Author)English2
Let us with a gladsome mind (Milton)Michael Saward (born 1932) (Alterer)English2
King of the universe, Lord of the agesMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)English3
In silence my soul is waitingMichael Saward, 1932- (Author)English2
I was glad when they said to meMichael Saward (Paraphraser)English2
Have you not heard? Do you not know?Michael Saward (born 1932) (Author)1
[Happy Are Those] (Saward)Michael Saward (Author)English2
[God Who Created Light]Michael Saward (Author)English2
Fire of God, titanic SpiritMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)2
Father almighty, we your humble servantsMichael Saward (born 1932) (Adapter)1
Come, let us worship the Christ of creationMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)2
Come all you good peopleMichael Saward (born 1932) (Adapter)1
Christmas for God’s holy peopleMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)1
Christ triumphant, ever reigningMichael Saward (Author)English17
Baptized in water, Sealed by the SpiritMichael Saward, b.1932 (Author)English47
All creating heavenly GiverMichael Saward (born 1932) (Author)English4
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