Minot J. Savage

Short Name: Minot J. Savage
Full Name: Savage, Minot J. (Minot Judson), 1841-1918
Birth Year: 1841
Death Year: 1918

Savage, Minot Judson, D.D., was born at Norridgewock, Maine, June 10, 1841, and educated at Bangor Seminary, where he graduated in 1864. From 1867 to 1873 he was a Congregational Minister, and then he joined the Unitarians, and has now (1900) a charge in Boston. He has published several works, including Poems, Boston, 1882. He also edited, with H. M. Dow, Sacred Songs for Public Worship, Boston, 1883, to which he contributed 46 original hymns. In hymnals other than this, of his hymns the following are in common use:—
1. Dost thou hear the bugle sounding. Consecration to Duty.
2. Father, we would not dare to change Thy purpose, &C. Prayer.
3. 0 God Whose law is in the sky. Consecration to Duty.
4. 0 star of truth down shining. Truth.
5. The God that to the fathers revealed His holy will. God unchangeable.
6. The very blossoms of our life. Holy Baptism.
7. What purpose burns within our hearts. Joining in Church Fellowship.
8. God of the glorious summer hours. New Year This is in D. Agate's Sunday S. Hymn Book, 1881, No. 371, and dated 1875. From the Sunny Side, N.Y.. 1875,p. 119.
Some of these hymns are given in Hunter's Hymns of Faith and Life, Glasgow, 1889, and recent American hymnals.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Minot Judson Savage (June 10, 1841 – May 22, 1918) was an American Unitarian minister, psychical researcher and author.

Texts by Minot J. Savage (59)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A lowering sky with heavy cloudsM. J. S. (Author)English4
Be thankful for the star that roseM. J. Savage (Author)English2
Be thankful to God, all ye saintsMinot Judson Savage (Author)2
Born at last! the great MessiahMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
Children of heroic fathersMinot Judson Savage (Author)English2
Comrades, hark! the air about usM. J. Savage (Author)English3
Dost thou hear the bugle soundingM. J. Savage (Author)English9
Father, by whatsoever lightM. J. S. (Author)English3
Father, we would not dare to changeM. J. Savage (Author)English4
God of the glorious summer hoursMinot Judson Savage (Author)2
Good-night, we say at partingMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
Hark, I hear the sweet bellsMinot Judson Savage (Author)2
Here on this little worldMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
How shall come thy kingdom holyM. J. S. (Author)English7
I breathe the fiery furnace breathM. J. S. (Author)English3
In the horror of the darkness of the old primeval nightM. J. Savage (Author)English3
In the old time, runs the storyMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
Learners are we all at schoolMinot Judson Savage (Author)English4
Let the heavens break forth in singing!M. J. Savage (Author)English3
Like travellers that strayMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
Misfortune's hand hangs over meM. J. Savage (Author)English4
New blessings every morningMinot Judson Savage (Author)2
No evil shall befall thee, Dear object of His choiceMinot J. Savage (Author)English1
No power on earth shall sever My soul from truth foreverMinot J. Savage (Author)6
Not so fearful, doubting pilgrimM. J. S. (Author)English3
Now, as the parting hour is nighM. J. Savage (Author)English5
O church of our idealM. J. Savage (Author)English2
O God, the stars of splendorMinot Judson Savage (Author)English4
O God, whose law is in the skyM. J. S. (Author)English10
O Love, with thy sweet chains M. J. Savage (Author)English4
O shepherds, shepherds, did you hearM. J. Savage (Author)English3
O star of truth, down shiningMinot J. Savage (Author)English24
O why are darkness and thick cloudsMinot Judson Savage (Author)English2
Only through Judean voicesM. J. Savage (Author)English2
Our fathers' God, who stillMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
Seek not afar for beauty: lo, it glowsMinot Judson Savage (Author)English16
Standing upon the mountain topMinot Judson Savage (Author)English4
Teach us, Father, how to find TheeMinot Judson Savage (Author)English4
The cattle on a thousand hills with all their flocks are ThineM. J. S. (Author)English4
The God that to the fathersMinot Judson Savage (Author)English17
The heavens cannot contain thee, LordM. J. S. (Author)English3
The one life thrilled the stardust throughM. J. Savage (Author)English4
The shadows fall so gentlyMinot Judson Savage (Author)English4
The sleigh bells jingle in their gleeRev. M. J. Savage (Author)English7
The very blossoms of our lifeM. J. Savage (Author)English4
There is a mother's voice of love To hush her little childM. J. Savage (Author)English5
Up the pathway of the agesMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
Upon one land aloneM. J. S. (Author)English3
We remember thee, O brave onesMinot Judson Savage (Author)English5
We'll sing our loving trust in GodMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
What is that goal of human hopeMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
What purpose burns within our heartsMinot Judson Savage (Author)English6
What song shall America singM. J. Savage (Author)English3
When on some strain of musicM. J. S. (Author)English4
When some scene of beauty or some deed of goodMinot J. Savage (Author)English2
When the burdens on us pressMinot J. Savage (Author)English3
When the gladsome day declinethMinot Judson Savage (Author)English8
Who is he fit to teach and guideM. J. S. (Author)English3
Whoever would winRev. Minot J. Savage (Author)2

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