Ernest Edwin Ryden

Short Name: Ernest Edwin Ryden
Full Name: Ryden, Ernest Edwin, 1886-1981
Birth Year: 1886
Death Year: 1981

Ernest Edwin Ryden is a distinguished Lutheran clergyman who has been a life-long student of hymns. At present he is pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church in North Grosvenordale, Connecticut. This is the latest of a long series of services he has rendered in the Lutheran Church. For twenty-seven years he was editor of "The Lutheran Companion," the official organ of the former Augustana Lutheran Church. His contributions to hymnody were many. He was a member of the Committee which created the Augustana Hymnal of 1925 to which he contributed eight original hymns and translations. He was co-editor of the Junior Hymnal for which he wrote a number of hymns. He was secretary of the committee which prepared the Service Book and Hymnal. Here again he has contributed new hymns and translations. He is the author of two volumes, "The Story of Our Hymns," and "The Story of Christian Hymnody." In 1949 he was made a Knight of the Royal Order of the North Star by the King of Sweden for his work in the field of hymnological research. He is the author of one of the Children's Hymns published by the Hymn Society.

----Twelve New Lord’s Day Hymns, 1968. Used by permission.

In 1948 [Ryden] was one of the official representatives of his Church at the constituting Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Amsterdam.

--Twelve New Hymns for Children, 1965. Used by permission.

Texts by Ernest Edwin Ryden (29)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Accept, dear God, my thanks this mornErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)3
Arise, my soul, arise! Stretch forth to things eternalErnest E. Ryden, 1886-1981 (Translator)English6
Behold, what love, that God should giveErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English4
Beyond the everlasting hillsErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English3
By Thy Cross, O Christ, and passionErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English2
Day by day Thy mercies, Lord attend me (Ryden)Ernest Edwin Ryden (Translator)English5
Day of God, so sweet and fairErnest Edwin Ryden (Translator)English3
Didst Thou, dear Jesus, pray for meErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English4
Eternal God, before Thy throne we bendErnest Edwin Ryden, b. 1886 (Author)English5
Father in heaven, thou who has hast givenErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)2
How blessed is this place, O LordErnest E. Ryden, b. 1886 (Author)English19
How lovely are those dwellingsErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)3
I lift my eyes unto heaven aboveErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English2
Jesus, hear my humble pleading, Lowly at thy feet I lieErnest E. Ryden, 1886-1981 (Paraphraser)English2
Lord, as a pilgrim on earth I roamErnest Edwin Ryden, b. 1886 (Paraphraser)English2
O blessed is the man who stays (Wallin)Ernest Edwin Ryden (91st Pslam, paraphrased by)1
O blessed is the man who stays (Ryden)Ernest Edwin Ryden (Author)1
O come, ye youths and maidensErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)3
O glorious day, when thou, the God of LightErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)3
O Lord, now let Thy servantErnest E. Ryden, 1886-1981 (Author)English7
O sing, my soul, your Maker's praiseE. E. Ryden (1886-1981) (Translator)English3
Our wilful hearts have gone astrayErnest Edwin Ryden (Author (v. 4))English1
Savior divine, kind friendErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)2
The twilight shadows round me fallErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English8
There are treasures for children in heaven aboveErnest E. Ryden (Translator)English7
Thine own, O loving SaviorErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English4
Thy holy wings, dear SaviorErnest Edwin Ryden (Translator)English3
With solemn joy we come, dear LordErnest Edwin Ryden (Author)English7
Your kingdom come, O FatherErnest E. Ryden, 1886-1981 (Translator)English3
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