Anders C. Rutström

Short Name: Anders C. Rutström
Full Name: Rutström, Anders Carl, 1721-1772
Birth Year: 1721
Death Year: 1772

Also Andreas Rutström. Rutström, Anders Carl. (Rutvik, Sweden, November 30, 1721--October 27, 1772). Lutheran. University of Uppsala. Ordained 1745. University of Griefswald, Th.D. 1756. Pastorates at Storkyrkan (cathedral church), Stockholm (assistant curate) 1745-1756; Hedvig Eleanora Church, Stockholm, 1758-1765. Arrested for his Calvinistic and Herrnhut tendencies. Died in prison. Wrote many hymn texts which were published after his death by his friends as Sions Nya Sånger, 1778. This collection was widely used among the pietists for almost a century. Author of "Lammets folk och Sions fränder" (Chosen Seed and Zion's Children) and "Kom huldaste förbarmare" (O Savior, Thou Who for Us Died).

--J. Irving Erickson, DNAH Archives

Texts by Anders C. Rutström (9)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Chosen seed and Zion's childrenAndreas C. Rutstrom (Author)English11
Come, Savior dear, with us abideAndreas C. Rutstroem (Author)English11
Hjertens Jesus, i dit hjerteA. C. Rutström (Author)Norwegian2
Kom, huldaste förbarmareAndreas C. Rutstroem (Author)Swedish9
Lammets folk och Sions fränderAndreas C. Rutstroem (Author)Swedish2
Min blodige konung på korsträdets stamA. C. R. (Author)Swedish3
My crucified Savior, despised and contemnedAndreas C. Rutstroem (Author)English8
O Savior, Thou who for us diedAndreas Carl Rutström (Author)English2
Pray tell me how camest thou so easilyAndreas Carl Rutström, 1721-1772 (Author)English4
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