Henry S. Rupp

Short Name: Henry S. Rupp
Full Name: Rupp, Henry S., 1827?-1898
Birth Year (est.): 1827
Death Year: 1898

Rupp, Henry S. (Near Shiremanstown, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1827?--January 14, 1898). Ordained as deacon January 17, 1878 and served the Slate Hill congregation.

Additional family history is available in the file on Rupp.

--DNAH Archives

Tunes by Henry S. Rupp (11)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
42 PSALM (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)251132 12223 21353
ABNER (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)255123 12234 53312
ARTHUR (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)412343 22134 56543
[The time for toil is past and night has come]Henry S. Rupp, 1826-1898 (Composer)611232 32165 11234
BROADWAY (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)313351 77113 3465
CANAAN (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)755433 32134 3212
GIVE ME A FOOTHOLD (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)453212 16612
HATTIE (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)755612 32133 21716
I NEED THEE (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)213216 51122 132
MORN (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)411331 12217 22
SAFETY (Rupp)H. S. Rupp (Composer)413212 16512 2332
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