William M. Runyan

William M. Runyan
Short Name: William M. Runyan
Full Name: Runyan, William M. (William Marion), 1870-1957
Birth Year: 1870
Death Year: 1957

Showing early musical promise, William Marion Runyan (b. Marion, NY, 1870; d. Pittsburg, KS, 1957) was a substitute church organist by the age of twelve. He became a Methodist minister in 1891 and served several churches in Kansas but turned to evangelism in 1903; he worked for the Central Methodist Conference for the next twenty years. Following that service, Runyan became pastor at the Federated Church at John Brown University, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. Editor of Christian Workers Magazine, he also served the Moody Bible Institute and was an editor for Hope Publishing Company until his retirement in 1948. Runyan wrote a number of hymn texts, gospel songs, and hymn tunes.

Bert Polman

Texts by William M. Runyan (130)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Sometime when misgivings darken the dayW. M. R. (Author)English1
A closer walk with JesusWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Afar over the harvest field we roamWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
After the toil and the burdenWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
All that my soul in its sin can needW. M. R. (Author)English9
All will be over, every grief and sorrowWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
As a shepherd good and trueWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English4
As night that flees from the morning sunW. M. R. (Author)English2
At Calvary's cross where the cleansing tideWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Be loyal, O, be loyalWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Before the march of Christ the MightyWilliam M. Runyan (Author)3
Bend Thou all graciously, Father aboveWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Called by the grace that Thy love doth extendWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Can we know that Jesus saves usWilliam M. Runyon (Author)English13
Christ is from the grave ascendedWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, With all Thy quickening powersW. M. R. (Author (Chorus))English1
Far from the fold of GodW. M. R. (Author)English3
For the mercy Jesus will bestowWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Forgiven greatly, Lord, am IWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Forward still, with face full forwardWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English4
From Heaven above, in His infinite loveW. M. R. (Author)English15
From Olive's Hill, the multitude upgazingW. M. R. (Author)English9
From the hills of far Judea, from the shores of GalileeW. M. R. (Author)English2
From the sins that scar and the things that marW. M. R. (Author)English3
God will not forget me, wherever my path may lieWilliam M. Runyan (Author)4
God's wondrous grace! O how shall mortal tongue declareWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Hail, blest Redeemer! Thy praises bringingWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English7
Hail, King of glory, hail, Lord of loveWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Have you heard of that wonderful story so trueW. M. Runyan (Author)English2
He came to me one day, this wondrous JesusWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English4
He cannot reject meWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
He has it all, the struggle pastWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
He loves, He saves, He keepsWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
How still are the waters where Jesus doth gatherW. M. R. (Author)English3
I am happy in my Savior's love (Chorus)Wm. M. Runyan (Author)English2
I am on the heavenly highway, With the Savior as my guideWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English12
I am sure of a home in heavenWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
I am yielding all to TheeWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
I can see it in my dreaming, that sweet land of strange reposeW. M. R. (Author)English2
I cannot understand how God could love meWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
I have Jesus in my heart, HallelujahWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
I marvel, O, I marvel soW. M. R. (Author)English2
I never have known so true a friend as JesusWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English4
I will do what I can for my Savior todayRev. W. M. Runyan (Author)English2
If we brightly shine, if we sweetly smileWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English7
In childhood's morn of brimming gleeWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
In my heart a song is ringing, echoing God's loveWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
In the fold were the ninety and nineWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
In the glory that shone from the cross one dayWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
In the midst of the heavenly home landW. M. R. (Author)English2
In the way our fathers trodWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Into the garden where shadows were creepingWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
It is not far to the place of pardonW. M. R. (Author)English2
It was night within my soul when JesusWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Jesus will keep me by power divineWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English5
Just a little while ere the last long mileWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English4
Just as you are there's a welcome for youWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English9
Like a life line flung over the raging seaWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Like a strain of sweetest musicWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English6
Like as a mother comfortethWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English11
Live for others while on earth you liveWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Long time I wandered, wandered from JesusWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Lord, I have shut the door, Speak now the wordWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English26
Lord, when to Thee our grieved hearts goWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Many are waiting in darkness and sinWilliam M. Runyan (Author)1
Memory whispers to me nowWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
"My grace is sufficient," O, wondrous wordWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Near, near to Thee, help us to liveWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
Not the love that I have had for JesusWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
O church of Jesus, thy true sons honor theeW. M. R. (Author)English2
O tell me more of Jesus' loveWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
O the joy that here we may walk with JesusWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
O, there is a way, and it is the sure wayWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Only a little while for the love's sweet serviceWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
ஓர் தாய் தன் பிள்ளையை அன்பாக (Ōr tāy taṉ piḷḷaiyai aṉpāka)William M. Runyan (Author)Tamil2
Our God hath given promiseWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English11
Our light has grown dim and our hearts have grown coldW. M. R. (Author)English5
Our lives are read by those who lookWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Prayer is the breath of the soul's deep lifeWilliam M. Runyan (Author)4
Proclaim the glad tidings to earth's farthest nationsW. M. R. (Author)English2
Revive Thy work, O Lord! Fill now each waiting heartWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Sang the angels long agoW. M. R. (Author)English2
Since Jesus bore my weight of sorrowWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Since Jesus came, my night is turned to dayWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
So long have God's servants been callingWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Soldiers of Jesus, clad in God's bright armorWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Some say it is a fable and that Jesus never cameW. M. R. (Author)English4
Souls are all about us, Knowing not the LordWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
Sweet morning comes with light and dewWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Tell it all to Jesus when the day goes wrongWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
The angels sang at the Savior's birthWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
The fields are white for harvest now, And souls before the Lord should bowWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
The gospel of the grace of GodWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
I'm the child of the King of kingsWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
The peace that like a river flowsW. M. R. (Author)English3
The songs of the world may be manyWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
The voice of God is calling me in ways I can but hearWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
There is a fold where all secure they lieWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
They tell me there is one who knows my needW. M. R. (Author)English4
They were in the place of waitingWilliam M. Runyan (Author)4
This be our task on life's long rugged wayWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Though a pilgrim and stranger hereWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Though my way be swept with stormWilliam M. Runyan (Author)2
Though the way seem long, the burden hard to bearWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
Though foes assail us on the fieldWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English6
Though in life's stress thy heart aweary beWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Through ages long swept by the tempests of doubtWilliam M. Runyan (Author)4
Thy kingdom come, is the prayer we are taught to prayW. M. R. (Author)English8
To Thy temple holy Come we now with praiseWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English5
Too long in the darkness our pathway has beenW. M. R. (Author)English2
'Twas God's own Son who came to earthWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English8
Up from the misty vales they goWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Upon the sea where our good ship sailsWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Walking with my blessed Savior here belowWilliam M. Runyan (Author)3
We are the treasures of Christ the KingWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English7
We cannot hope that every dayWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
We journey, it may be, through tempest and rainWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
We sing about heaven, its glory and gleamWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
We thank Thee for the brawny armW. M. R. (Author)English2
What a glorious day for meWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English3
When Jesus first came to my heart to abideWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English5
When, O, when art Thou comingWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English5
When the calls of duty are urging onWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English5
When the clouds over hanging have darkened the dayW. M. R. (Author)English2
Why struggle on unaided when the tide about you flows?William M. Runyan (Author)English2
Wonderful it is that Jesus cares for meWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English4
Word of God, O sacred treasureWilliam M. Runyan (Author)3
Wounded for our transgressionsWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English4
Yonder the promiseWilliam M. Runyan (Author)English2
Youth looking upward and onward todayWm. M. Runyan (Author)English2
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