James Hott Ruebush

Short Name: James Hott Ruebush
Full Name: Ruebush, J. H. (James Hott), 1865-1948
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1948
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Tunes by James Hott Ruebush (60)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Are you meeting with a smile all your trials, friend?]James H. Ruebush (Composer)4
[Are your eyes upon Jesus, the Mighty to save]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)213545 65354 34234
[Around the Savior's lofty throne]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)234555 65431 52344
[Be sowing the seed at the break of the morning]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
BOOKER (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)253453 21615 1312
[Bright and early in our places]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Christ hath arisen! death is no more] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)253517 65123 44433
[Christ the Savior died for me]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Come in, O Lord, drive out the gloom]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Come, Thou fount of every blessing] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)215171 32651 11712
[Despair not when dark, gloomy shadows]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)255555 51177 77771
[Endeavorers for Jesus]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)233553 35332 21244
[Fear not to trust Me in the storm]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)353332 12343 35311
[Glory, glory, in the highest] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Go to the clear flowing fountain]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Good Shepherd, 'tis to Thee]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Has a kindly thought been yours]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Have you chosen the things of the Lord]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)213555 56515 66667
[Have you labored for the glory]James H. Ruebush (Composer)3
[Help me, O my blessed Savior]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)353511 17665 35131
[How shall I praise thee, Savior dear]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[In heavenly mansions beyond the dark river]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)253211 71216 65511
[In my work, whate’er it be]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)353343 22321 23215
[In the watches of the midnight]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Jesus, I my cross have taken] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)233236 55343 46543
[Jesus, I own thy pardon]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)232151 17432 21235
[Juniors, happy Juniors singing all the day]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Little soldiers in the field]James Hott Ruebush (Composer)511776 65665 32553
[Longing for mercy, for pardon and peace]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Look not on the wine]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)351111 71217 11333
[Make every thought bear a blessing]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[My hope is built on nothing less] (Ruebush)James H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[No one can tell what pleasures I see]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)3
[No one hath told me what this life shall be]Jas. H. Ruebush (Composer)251231 72165 51235
[Not for self, O blessed Savior]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[O be faithful, Christian soldiers]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[O how He loves to have us near]James H. Ruebush (Composer)253561 16534 32
[O to be ready when death shall come]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
PROMISED LAND (American)J. H. R. (Arranger)113334 54442 33345
[Rock of Ages, cleft for me] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)253156 43533 1232
RUEBUSH (Ruebush)James H. Ruebush (Composer)234556 55117 61765
[Sometimes we sigh as days go by]J. H. Ruebush (Arranger)153217 61511 11713
[Soon we’ll reach the pearly gates]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)3
[Still the cross is brightly glowing]James H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Strive to be scattering sunshine each day]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[The pearly gates of heaven]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[There’s a joy that there is no expressing]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)212333 32135 55653
[There's a mighty army marching] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)255111 11321 66666
[There's a song of joy that clearly comes]James H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[There's a voice that is calling today]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[Tis God’s own hand that leadeth me] (Ruebush)Jas. H. Ruebush (Composer)255654 35165 17123
[‘Tis hard to bear the heavy load]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)455453 21615 11332
[Together let us sweetly live] (51324)J. H. Ruebush (Arranger)151324 31165 34531
[What a brother we've found in the Savior]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)3
[When I survey the wondrous cross] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)253432 52117 12465
[When marshalled on the mighty plain]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)255331 17755 44443
[When the shining gates unfold]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)234556 53513 21323
[While shepherds watched their flocks by night] (Ruebush)J. H. Ruebush (Composer)255133 26665 1352
[With joyful hearts we hail the morn]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
[With songs and with chorus we welcome Thee]J. H. Ruebush (Composer)2
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