Erik Routley

Short Name: Erik Routley
Full Name: Routley, Erik, 1917-1982
Birth Year: 1917
Death Year: 1982

Wikipedia Biography

Erik Reginald Routley (/ˈraʊtli/; 31 October 1917, Brighton, UK – 8 October 1982, Nashville TN) was an English Congregational churchman, theologian and musician and arguably the most significant hymnologist of the 20th century. His nearly 40 books on theological thought and music of the Christian church are renowned. Raised in Brighton in a Congregational family, he spent his formative years at Lancing College in West Sussex. In 1936 he received an exhibition to Magdalen College, Oxford and afterward ministerial training at Mansfield College, Oxford. Ordained in 1943, Routley held pastorates in Wednesbury and Dartford before returning to Mansfield in 1948 as Chaplain, Lecturer, Librarian and Director of Music. In 1953, he was named to the Mackennal Chair of History. It was during these yea
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Texts by Erik Routley (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All who love and serve your cityErik Routley (Author)English32
Chú Lí kau-tài góa kang-tiâ ("Light and salt" you called your friends)Erik Routley (Paraphraser (English))English, Taiwanese2
[Christ is Risen, Death is Vanquished]Erik Routley (Author)English2
[Christ, the Church's Lord]Erik Routley (Author)English2
Gladly to God's holy templeErik Routley (Author)English2
[God is Love: God is Light]Erik Routley (Author)English2
[God Is Love! God Is Love!] (Routley)Erik Routley (Author)English2
PrayersErik Routley, 20th century (Author)English2
God, omnipotent, eternalErik Routley, 1917-1982 (Author)English2
[God Speaks, and All Things Come to Be]Erik Routley (Author)English3
Good Spirit of God, guide of your childrenErik Routley (Translator)3
Happy are they who walk in God's wise waysErik Routley (Paraphraser)English5
If I today have grieved my Savior's heartErik Routley (Author)English2
In praise of God meet duty and delightErik Routley (Author)English3
Keep in mind that Jesus ChristErik Routley (Adapter)English2
Khwaam suk yeun yong khong maa suu phuu tham chopErik Routley (Paraphraser (English))Thai1
"Light and salt" you called your friendsErik Routley (Author)English3
New songs of celebration renderErik Routley (Author)English27
O mighty God! Creator and RedeemerErik Routley (Author)English2
Our Jesus is Savior, Lord and FriendErik Routley (Translator)1
Praise the Father in his holy placeErik Routley (Author)English3
Seeking water, seeking shelterErik Routley (Translator)English2
Surprised by joy no song can tellEric Routley, 1917-1982 (Author)English3
The earth is the Lord's and its fullness, Its mystery, splendor, and wealth (Routley)Erik Routley (Author)English3
There in God's garden stands the Tree of WisdomErik Routley (Paraphraser)English14
[We Have One Lord]Erik Routley (Author)English2

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