John Roberts

Short Name: John Roberts
Full Name: Roberts, John (See also Ieuan Gwyllt, 1822-1877)
Birth Year: 1822
Death Year: 1877

Used Ieuan Gwyllt as his bardic name. See also Ieuan Gwyllt, 1822-1877.

Wikipedia Biography

Ieuan Gwyllt was the bardic name of Welsh musician and minister John Roberts (22 December 1822 - 14 May 1877). His bardic name is derived from the pen name he used whilst writing poetry as a boy, Ieuan Gwyllt Gelltydd Melindwr (John of the Wild Woods near the Mill Tower). He was born at Tanrhiwfelen, a house just outside Aberystwyth, and died in Caernarfon on 14 May 1877. He was buried at Caeathro cemetery near Caernarfon.

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