M. D. Ridge

Short Name: M. D. Ridge
Full Name: Ridge, M. D., 1938-
Birth Year: 1938
Death Year: 2017
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Texts by M. D. Ridge (14)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A sower went out to sow the seedM. D. Ridge (Author)English4
A time to plant and a time for harvestM. D. Ridge (Author)English2
And on that day will justice triumphM. D. Ridge (Author)6
God, who created hearts to love M. D. Ridge (Author)4
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through meM. D. Ridge (Author)English3
I sing a maid of tender yearsM. D. Ridge, b. 1938 (Author)7
In God's time, peace will comeM. D. Ridge (Author)English2
John was a-preachin' by the shores of Jordan streamM. D. Ridge (Author (verses))English3
Near to death, I cried "Save me!"M. D. Ridge (Author)4
Now let your servants, Lord, depart in peaceM. D. Ridge (Adapter)English2
Three days our world was broken; the Lord of life lay deadM. D. Ridge (Author)English4
When all our visions fade awayM. D. Ridge (Author)English2
When the darkness closes inM. D. Ridge (Author)English2
Where two or three have gatheredM. D. Ridge (Author)English2
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