William Watkins Reid

Short Name: William Watkins Reid
Full Name: Reid, William Watkins, 1890-1983
Birth Year: 1890
Death Year: 1983

Reid, William Watkins, Sr. (Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland, October 15, 1890--February 18, 1983, Jenkins Township, Pennsylvania). Methodist. Parents were William Reid, a native of Moneymore, near Belfast, and Sarah Watkins of Londonderry. Came to the United States in 1900. Attended New York University (bachelor's degree, 1915; master's degree in journalism, 1917). Served The Hymn Society as President, Executive Director, and Editor of The Hymn from 1966 to 1976. Authored the Hymn Society's 40th anniversary history, Sing with Spirit and Understanding. Also edited The Pastor's Journal for the Methodist church and worked as its director of the News Service of the Board of Missions.

Caulfield, Benjamin.

--From DNAH Archives

William Watkins Reid, of Whitestone, Long Island, was president of the Hymn Society of America from 1942 to 1945, and is now a member of its Executive Committee. Used the title of "My God is There, Controlling," the Society has published 65 of his hymns, and several others were published in the Society's "searches", for new hymns. He is the author of the Society's history of its first forty years, and also of the added period of ten years (1962-1972).

--16 New Hymns on the Stewardship of the Environment [Ecology] , 1973. Used by permission.

Texts by William Watkins Reid (77)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All knowing God, whose science chartsWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
All weary, weary tossed the worldWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Almighty God, who daily art revealingWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
And, lo, what God had made was goodWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Around their fires that wint'ry nightWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Beaming star and angel chorusWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Bless, Lord, this house, its walls and roofWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Bless, O Lord, the village roadWilliam W. Reid (Author)3
Bright the star that lights your pillowWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Bright the star through stable doorWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Creator God, who gave the planets lifeWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Dear Lord, to whom in other daysWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)2
Earth waked that morn to grief of cross and tombWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
For Holy Writ, where ancient sageWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
For humble hearth with happy hearts aglowWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Forgive us, Lord, for shallow thankfulnessWilliam W. Reid Sr., b. 1890 (Author)English8
Give thanks, my soul, for harvestWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)English10
Go, says the Master, and earth's pathsWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)2
God called earth 'good': but why man's fearWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
God of Earth and planetsWilliam Watkins Reid, b.1890 (Author)English7
God's holy quiet calms my soulWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Great Guiding Spirit of an ageless worldWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Hark! Angel carols Sound Heaven's joy William Watkins Reid (Author)1
Herald of Love, sent of God to enfold usWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)2
High on yon hill the sheep seek tender grassesWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
I know that my Redeemer liveth, And as He lives, His life is mineRev. W. Reid (Translator)English1
I long to see Thee, ChristWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
I thank thee, Lord, for golden grain in storeWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Lord, the hearts of people hungerWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Lord, wake your church from self concernWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Lord, who didst choose in GalileeWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
My God, unchanging through all changeWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
My hope is not in selfWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Not for the gain of a city or grailWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Not where the flags are massed on highWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
O God, Creator, Lord Of worlds with life ablazeWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
O God, ere history beganWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
[O God, to Whom All Nature Bows]William Watkins Reid (Author)English2
O God, whose strength is shown in thy compassionWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)2
O holy Child, O Gift of LoveWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
O Holy Spirit, prophet VoiceWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
O Lord of nature, Lord of earthWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
O Master, in whose life both word and deedWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
O nation proud and boldWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
O Sculptor, whose immortal loveWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
O Teacher, Master of the skillWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)English2
O thou Laborer in the workshopWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)English3
O thou, whose youthful years were spentWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)4
O who owns the big shapely autoWm. Watkins Reid (Author)English2
Onward from Calvary the Gospel is speedingWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Our Father, from thy bounteous cruseWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Our God, who down the ages longedWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Our God, whose very Being breathes of loveWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Praise we, praise we God the LordWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)2
Sing, angel choir, make glad our night againWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Spirit of God, all silent, all holyWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Teach us, O Lord, true thankfulness divineWilliam Watkins Reid, Sr., 1890 - (Author)2
Thank thee, God, great Master FarmerWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Thanks be to God who showers on allWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
That morn the Holy Spirit pouredWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
The Earth's a garden, holy, gayWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
The hills awake to singingWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
The lambs are not bleatingWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
The Lord is my Good ShepherdWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
The lowly workman's humble homeWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
The Master is walking beside you todayWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)English2
The throng did press thee, Lord, to hearWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Thou, Lord, whose comely strength was gainedWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Thou whose questing, eager boyhoodWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
True thanks are not of wordsWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Tune we songs to angel chorusWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Wake, sons of earth, new Allelujahs raiseWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
We search the starlit Milky WayWilliam W. Reid (Author)English3
What wonders have found us, what glories surround usWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
When suns and planets plunge through spaceWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
Where lies the Christian's hopeWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Wide is that realm of truthWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
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