Andrew Reed

Andrew Reed
Short Name: Andrew Reed
Full Name: Reed, Andrew, 1787-1862
Birth Year: 1787
Death Year: 1862

Reed, Andrew, D.D., son of Andrew Reed, was born in London on Nov. 27, 1787, and educated for the Congregational Ministry at Hackney College, London. He was first the pastor of the New Road Chapel, St. George's-in-the-East, and then of the Wycliffe Chapel, which was built through his exertions in 1830. His degree was conferred by Yule College, America. He died Feb. 25, 1862. As the founder of "The London Orphan Asylum," "The Asylum for Fatherless Children," “The Asylum for Idiots” "The Infant Orphan Asylum," and "The Hospital for Incurables," Dr. Reed is more fully known, and will be longer remembered than by his literary publications. His Hymn Book was the growth of years. The preparation began in 1817, when he published a Supplement to Watts, in which were a few originals. This was enlarged in 1825; and entirely superseded by his collection The Hymn Book, prepared from Dr. Watts's Psalms & Hymns and Other Authors, with some Originals, in 1842 (Preface). His hymns, mostly of a plain and practical character, numbering 21, were contributed to these various editions, and were republished with those of his wife in the Wycliffe Supplement, 1872. The best known are "Ah Jesus, let me hear Thy voice” and ”Spirit Divine, attend our prayer." All Dr. and Mrs. Reed's hymns are anonymous in The Hymn Book, 1842, but are given with their names in the Wyclife Supplement, 1872. His hymns now in common use include, in addition to those annotated under their respective first lines :—

1. Come, let us strike our harps afresh. Praise.
2. Come, my Redeemer, come. Desiring Christ's Presence.
3. Gentle Saviour, look on me. Christ's protection Desired.
4. Gracious Lord, as Thou hast taught us. Public Worship.
5. Hark, hark, the notes of joy. Missions.
6. Holy Ghost, with light divine (1817). Prayer to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes given as "Holy Ghost, Thou light divine;" and again as "Holy Spirit, Light divine."
7. Listen, sinner, mercy hails you. Invitation. Generally given as "Hear, O Sinner, mercy hails you."
8. Rich are the joys of solitude. Retirement. Some-times given as "How deep and tranquil is the joy."
9. There [comes] is an hour when I must part. Death anticipated.
10. Ye saints your music bring. Praise of the Cross.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Andrew Reed (49)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ah, Jesus, let me hear Thy voiceRev. Andrew Reed, 1787-1862 (Author)English4
Amoroso Salvador, Sin igual es tu bondadAndrew Reed (Author)Spanish3
أيها الروح المنير كن لقلبي كالمنارAndrew Reed (Author)Arabic1
Behold what witnesses unseenReed (Author)English1
Blessed are thy people, LordAndrew Reed (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, come, and deign to dwellAndrew Reed (Author)4
Come, let us strike our harps afreshAndrew Reed (Author)English21
Come, my Redeemer, come, and deign to dwell with meAndrew Reed (Author)English44
Dear Savior, attend to my prayerAndrew Reed (Author)5
Encourage my heart with thy smileAndrew Reed (Author)5
Gracious Lord, as thou hast taught usAndrew Reed (Author)4
Hark, hark, the notes of joyAndrew Reed (Author)English17
Hark, what celestial soundsA. Reed (Author)English1
Haste, O sinner to the SaviourAndrew Reed, ab. 1787-1862 (Author)2
Hear, O sinner! mercy hails youAndrew Reed (Author)English96
Heil'ger Geist, du ew'ges LichtAndrew Reed (Author)German1
Heil'ger Geist, du Licht von GottAndrew Reed (Author)German5
Holy Ghost, with light divineAndrew Reed (Author)English681
Holy Spirit, Truth divine, Dawn upon this soul of mineAndrew Reed (Author)English3
How dark is the pathway before me todayAndrew Reed (Author)2
How deep and tranquil is the joyReed (Author)English8
I love the Lord, he guides my wayAndrew Reed (Author)4
I would be Thine, O take my heartAndrew Reed (Author)English14
In the great harvest the toilers beginAndrew Reed (Author)3
In the hollow of thy handAndrew Reed (Author)2
Komm, heil'ger Geist, hör unser Fleh'nAndrew Reed (Author)German2
Listen, sinner, mercy hails youAndrew Reed (Author)English19
O for a sweet, inspiring rayAndrew Reed (Author)English1
O God of love, who dwelt on earthAndrew Reed (Author)2
O lend me the wings of a doveAndrew Reed (Author)5
O that I could forever dwellRev. Andrew Reed, 1787-1862 (Author)English15
O thou, my God, my SaviorAndrew Reed (Author)2
O thou who art ever the sameAndrew Reed (Author)2
Return to the Guide of thy youthAndrew Reed (Author)9
Santo Deus, vem inflamarAndrew Reed, 1787-1862 (Author)Portuguese2
Santo Espíritu de Dios Brilla en mi corazónAndrew Redd (1787-1862) (Author)Spanish2
Savior, I come to Thee, on Thee I callAndrew Reed (Author)English5
聖靈發出祂光芒 (Shènglíng fāchū tā guāngmáng)Andrew Reed (Author)Chinese2
Sleep on, sleep on, our precious darlingAndrew Reed (Author)2
Spirit divine, attend our prayersAndrew Reed (Author)English340
Spirit divine, pour forthAndrew Reed (Author)2
The thoughts of my heart they are knownAndrew Reed (Author)3
The waters of the mystic streamAndrew Reed (Author)2
There is an hour, when I must partAndrew Reed (Author)English23
There's a beautiful city, beyond the dark tideAndrew Reed (Author)2
தூய ஆவி என்மேல் வீசும் (Tūya āvi eṉmēl vīcum)Andrew Reed (Author)Tamil2
We are soldiers on life's roadAndrew Reed (Author)4
While struggling alone on life's roadAndrew Reed (Author)2
Ye saints, your music bringAndrew Reed (Author)English46

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