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Short Name: Matt Redman
Full Name: Redman, Matt
Birth Year: 1974

Matt Redman (b. February 14, 1974) began leading worship full-time at age 20, serving churches in Chorleywood, Brighton, West Sussex, and Atlanta, Georgia, where he worked with Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio for the Passion Conferences. He is known for songs such as “The Heart of Worship,” “Better is One Day,” and “Blessed Be Your Name.” His 2012 song “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” co-written with Jonas Myrin, won two Grammy awards in 2013. Redman has written a number of books, including Mirror Ball and The Unquenchable Worshipper. He and his wife Beth have five children, and are currently based at St. Peters Church in Brighton, England.

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BETTER IS ONE DAYMatt Redman (Composer)7
BLESSED BE YOUR NAME (Redman)Matt Redman (Composer)1735455 32335 45532
[Can a nation be changed?]Matt Redman (Composer)233345 51165 45666
COME TO THE WATERMatt Redman (Composer)212333 32121 11233
[Even as the world began]Matt Redman, b. 1974 (Composer)211117 65366 55566
[Even though I walk through the valley]Matt Redman, b. 1974 (Composer)533213 21232 12321
[I will offer up my life in spirit and truth]Matt Redman (Composer)733322 11323 43333
[It's rising up from coast to coast]Matt Redman (Composer)214551 45514 55143
[Let ev'rything that, ev'rything that]Matt Redman (Composer)2
[Let our praise be Your welcome]Matt Redman (Composer)4
[Let praise be a weapon that silences the enemy]Matt Redman (Composer)4
NOEL (Cash, Tomlin, Redman)Matt Redman (Composer)213344 55344 77111
OH HOW COULD IT BEMatt Redman (Composer)212334 31232 34333
ONCE AGAINMatt Redman (Composer)733313 33432 16711
OUR GODMatt Redman (Composer)9
[Praise You in the morning]Matt Redman (Composer)215543 55435 54365
[When the music fades] (Redman)Matt Redman (Composer)1355512 32211 55512
[Show me the way of the cross once again]Matt Redman, b. 1974 (Composer)233432 12212 13343
[The memories we shared could last a man a lifetime]Matt Redman (Composer)7
[The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning]Matt Redman (Composer)1435665 32321 66153
[There's a place where mercy reigns and never dies]Matt Redman (Composer)8
[We have nothing to give that didn't first come from your hand]Matt Redman, b. 1974 (Composer)233551 75323 33651
[When we were in the darkest night]Matt Redman, b. 1974 (Composer)251117 71152 22234
[With this heart open wide]Matt Redman (Composer)2
[Worthy of every song we could ever sing]Matt Redman (Composer)8
YOUR GRACE FINDS MEMatt Redman (Composer)216666 53666 65533
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