Noel Rawsthorne

Short Name: Noel Rawsthorne
Full Name: Rawsthorne, Noel, 1929-
Birth Year: 1929 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[Boisterous, buzzing barking things]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)213253 52616 46543
['Cheep!' said the sparrow on the chimney top]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)211717 65655 11765
CLAP YOUR HANDS (Owens)Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)1
[Come on, let's get up and go]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)154421 35565 61176
[All night, all day] Noel Rawsthorne (Composer)156113 32112 11111
[Do what you know is right]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)253234 35323 43532
[Driving lorries, licking lollies]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)253332 34312 56111
[Every minute of the every day]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)133321 22356 12335
[Fishes of the ocean and the birds of the air]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)112356 56717 16566
[Friends, all gather here in a circle]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)211665 55454 36343
[Go wandering in the sun]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)155323 15434 25545
[God our Father gave us life]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)233431 23566 76566
[God's love is deeper than the deepest ocean]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)115122 21232 11514
HAVE YOU HEARD THE RAINDROPSNoel Rawsthorne (Arranger)133332 21111 22333
HESWALLNoel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Composer)233334 25543 55556
[Ho, ho, ho, hosanna]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)211111 35642 172
SIMPLE GIFTSNoel Rawsthorne (Composer)155112 31345 55321
[I feel spring in the air today]Noel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Composer)233345 63344 45674
[Do Lord, do Lord]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)155611 33321 66111
[I have a friend who is deeper than the ocean]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)111326 17127 15
[I will to click my fingers, clap my hands]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)255135 34617 1223
[If I were an astronaut out in space]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)151123 21465 51653
[Jesus' love is very wonderful]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)133113 35432 27722
[Jesus will never, ever, no not ever, never, ever change]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)355433 33333 33321
[Just imagine having a world]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)253176 17561 253
LONDONDERRY AIRNoel Rawsthorne (Arranger)271232 36532 16134
[Lord of the future, Lord of the past]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)355554 32343 45651
[Never let Jesus into your heart]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)211115 11115 11112
[Nobody's a nobody, believe me 'cause it's true]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)255335 53344 43255
[Push, little seed, push, push, little seed]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)115513 25523 45543
[Rum, tum, tarum, tum, tum]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)215135 31242 71315
[Sing praise to God, sing praise to God for life]Noel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Composer)211111 21231 35553
[Thank you for the summer morning]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)155556 11122 23555
[Thank you, Lord, for this new day]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)232311 56153 23
[The Lord said to Noah, there's gonna be a floody, floody]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)135535 56656 5653
[There's a seed in a flow'r]Noel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Arranger)154351 25435 12554
[Think big: an elephant]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)251532 15325 432
[Tick tock, tick tock]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)212321 12233 23344
[We believe in God the Father] (Kendrick)Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)117171 23217 17
[We have a King who rides a donkey]Noel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Arranger)155555 51354 44444
[We thank God for the harvest]Noel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Composer)211777 65346 54332
[When I look into Your holiness]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)134555 35556 34555
[When Jesus was my age he played with his friends]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)251765 43212 33234
[When you jump out of bed]Noel Rawsthorne (Arranger)251123 13655 11231
WILLASTONNoel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Composer)212323 42134 56432
[You can drink it, swim in it]Noel Rawsthorne, b. 1929 (Arranger)112353 35234 32135
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