H. D. Rawnsley

H. D. Rawnsley
Short Name: H. D. Rawnsley
Full Name: Rawnsley, H. D. (Hardwicke Drummond), 1851-1920
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1920

Rawnsley, Hardwicke Drummond, M.A., son of the Rev. R. D. B. Rawnsley, M.A., sometime Prebendary of Lincoln, was born at Shiplake-on-Thames, Sept. 28,1850, and educated at Ball. Coll., Oxford, B.A. 1875, M.A. 1883; D. 1875, P. 1877; Curate of St. Barnabas, Bristol, 1875-77; Vicar of Low Wray, Lancashire, 1878-83, and Vicar of Crosthwaite since 1883. He became Rural Dean of Keswick 1883, Hon. Canon of Carlisle 1893, and Proctor in Convocation 1905. His publications include: Notes for the Nile, 1892; Literary Associations of the English Lakes, 1894; Memoir of Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle, 1896; Sermons on the Logia, 1897, and various books of Poems and Sonnets. The best-known of his hymns are:—
1. Hark! I hear the trumpet sounding. [Mission Hymn for Children.] In the Ch. Missionary Hymn Book, 1899.
2. Lord God, our praise we give. [In Praise of Nature]. Contributed to the 1904 ed. of Hymns Ancient & Modern.
3. Now trumpets cease your sound. [Peace.] In Hymns of the Kingdom . . . for the use of the Christian Democracy. Norwich, 1903.
4. Saviour, Who didst healing give. [St. Luke.] Written at Crosthwaite Vicarage, Dec. 1, 1905, and included in The English Hymnal 1906.
5. Lord Jesu, Who at Lazarus' tomb. [Memorial of the Dead.] Written at Crosthwaite Vicarage, Dec. 2, 1905, for The English Hymnal, 1906.
6. Lord, Who gavest streams and fountains. [For a Dual School.] Written in 1898 at Keswick for the Holiday Association of the Home Readers' Union, and included in the Keswick School Hymn Book.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley (29 September 1851 – 28 May 1920) was an Anglican priest, poet, local politician and conservationist. He became nationally and internationally known as one of the three founders of the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty in the 1890s. Rawnsley was a prolific writer, publishing more than 40 books, including verse, sermons, historical studies, travel accounts and biographies. He retired in 1917 and moved to the village of Grasmere, in the southern Lake District, where he died in 1920, aged 68.

Texts by H. D. Rawnsley (10)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Father, in whose Almighty handH. D. Rawnsley (Author)English2
Father, whose will is life and goodHardwicke D. Rawnsley (Author)English28
Hark, I hear a trumpet sounding!H. D. Rawnsley (Author)English2
Lord God of hosts, whose purpose sureH. D. Rawnsley (Author)1
Lord God, our praise we give for lake, and sea, and mountainH. D. Rawnsley (Author)English2
Lord Jesu, who at Lazarus' tombH. D. Rawnsley (Author)English4
Oh Dios, que deseas la vida y el bienH. D. Rawnsley (Author)Spanish2
Queen of our homes and heartsRev. H. D. Rawnsley (Author)English2
Savior, who didst healing giveH. M. Rawnsley (Author)English5
The rocks were rent, the mountain stirredRev. H. D. Rawnsley (Author)English2

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