Friedrich Heinrich Ranke

Friedrich Heinrich Ranke
Friedrich Heinrich Ranke, ca. 1850
Short Name: Friedrich Heinrich Ranke
Full Name: Ranke, Friedrich Heinrich, 1798-1876
Birth Year: 1798
Death Year: 1876

German Protestant theologian. Author of a number of hymns, two of which are still in general use:

*Tochter Zion, freue dich, sung to the tune MACCABAEUS
*Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen, a translation of "Adeste fideles"

He also pubished a translation of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and a two-volume study on the Pentateuch.

Wikipedia Biography

Friedrich Heinrich Ranke (30 November 1798 – 2 September 1876) was a German Protestant theologian. He was the brother of historian Leopold von Ranke (1795–1886) and the father of pediatrician Heinrich von Ranke (1830-1909) and anthropologist Johannes Ranke (1836-1916). He studied theology and philology at the University of Jena, where he was a pupil of Heinrich Luden and Johann Philipp Gabler. He then studied philosophy at the University of Halle (from 1817), afterwards working as a private schoolteacher in Frankfurt an der Oder. In 1826 he was named pastor in the town of Rückersdorf.

Texts by Friedrich Heinrich Ranke (6)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ĝoju, ho Filino de Cion'Friedrich Heinrich Ranke (Author)Esperanto2
Ĝoju vi, Ciona gent'Friedrich Heinrich Ranke (Author)Esperanto2
Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen, fröhlich triumphierendFr. H. Ranke, 1797-1876 (Translator)German2
Sayuni, ufurahi!Friedrich Heinrich Ranke (Author)Swahili2
Tochter Zion, freue dich, Jauchze laut, JerusalemFriedrich Heinrich Ranke (Author)German15
Zion's daughter, O rejoiceH. Reinke (Author)3

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