J. W. Randolph

Short Name: J. W. Randolph
Full Name: Randolph, J. W.
Birth Year: 1842

James Weldon Randolph was born October 15, 1842, at Philadelphia, Pa. He attended Northern Liberty and James Bird's Schools. He has given special study to the subjects of music, French, German and Spanish, and received the D.D. degree from Paul Quinncollege. He was converted in 1863 and joined the A. M.E. Chruch the same year. He was licensed to preach and was ordained deacon in 1870 and elder in 1871 at Columbus, Ga. He has held appointments in George, Arkansas, Texas, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

From Centennial Encyclpaedia of the African Methodist Episcopal Church by Richard R. Wright, Jr. and John R. Hawkins (Philadelphia: 1916)

Texts by J. W. Randolph (14)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Behold thy King, O Zion!J. W. Randolph (Author)English2
Christians are you waiting for the SaviorJ. W. R. (Author)English2
Come and unite all your voices and raiseJ. W. Randolph (Author)English2
Father in heaven, lo before Thee kneelingJ. W. Randolph (Author)English2
I will praise Him, I will praise Him, I will praise Him every dayJ. W. Randolph (Author)English2
March forth to the conflict ye soldiers for JesusJ. W. R. (Author)English2
O the value of that wordJ. W. R. (Author)English2
Shepherd of souls I wait for TheeJ. W. Randolph (Author)English2
Star of Redemption, Star of renownJ. W. R. (Author)English2
The night cometh on and our race is most runJ. W. Randolph (Author)English2
When silent night spreads its mantle of darknessJ. W. R. (Author)English2
When the Lord shall appear in His gloryJ. W. R. (Author)English2
Where the martyrs wave their palms of victory brightJ. W. R. (Author)English2
Yes, lay his form beneath the sodJ. W. Randolph (Author)English2
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