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Paul Rader
Short Name: Paul Rader
Full Name: Rader, Paul, 1879-1938
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1938

Rader was one of the most powerful evangelistic preachers of the early 20th Century. He described himself as an ex-bellboy, ex-cowboy, ex-prospector, ex-football player, and ex-pugilist.

He was pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois (1915–21), and followed founder Albert Simpson as president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (1920–23). He also founded the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle in 1922 and pastored it for 11 years.

Rader wrote many Gospel song lyrics and a few tunes, and was instrumental in founding of the Tabernacle Publishing Company.

Rader was a pioneer of Christian broadcasting, as well: In the early 1920’s, the beginning days of radio, station WBBM in Chicago, Illinois, closed every Sunday. Rader received permission to use the studios, and for several years ran a 14-hour Christian program every Sunday. Rader called his station within a station WJBT (Where Jesus Blesses Thousands).

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Wikipedia Biography

Daniel Paul Rader (August 24, 1879 – July 19, 1938) was an influential evangelist in the Chicago area during the early 20th century and was America's first nationwide radio preacher. He was senior pastor of the renowned Moody Church from 1915 to 1921 and was also the second president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Rev. Rader also published a novel, , which was about Hollywood as the sin center of America. Rader's great-nephew, also named Paul Rader, served as General of the Salvation Army, and President of Asbury University.

Texts by Paul Rader (39)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All the doors on earth are openPaul Rader (Author)5
All things work together for goodPaul Rader (Author)4
Come in, come in, O tide of gracePaul Rader (Author)4
Congregados suplicamosPaul Rader (Author)2
Down from the glories of heavenPaul Rader (Author)12
Far from his home in glory abovePaul Rader (Author)3
Fear not, little flock, from the cross to the thronePaul Rader, 1879-1938 (Author)English42
Гэгээн Тэнгэрийн алдраас буун (Gegeen Tengeriin aldraas buun)Paul Rader (Author)Mongolian2
Glorious is the gospel messageP. R. (Author)2
I've entered the land dearly bought with His bloodPaul Rader (Author)English11
Jesus, my Savior, I would seePaul Rader (Author)4
Jesus, Savior, blessed BridegroomPaul Rader (Author)3
Let all the lost hear of JesusPaul Rader (Author)3
Lord Jesus, there aboveP. R. (Author)3
Mary beheld him, and Master criedPaul Rader (Author)6
My Savior, Thou hast offered restPaul Rader (Author)English2
No more need fear, And no more need doubtingPaul Rader (Author)English7
O hear now His word, When the clouds are gathering around theePaul Rader (Author)2
O weary traveler far awayPaul Rader (Author)2
Often my heart longed to prayPaul Rader (Author)4
Only believe, only believePaul Rader (Author)English24
Over there where the heathen are dyingPaul Rader (Author)English9
Spirit, now melt and moveP. R. (Author)English5
Struggle not with thoughts of fitnessP. R. (Author)3
That Christmas day if you were GodPaul Rader (Author)2
The garden of Eden is open againPaul Rader (Author)2
The harvest fields are bendingPaul Rader (Author)English7
The Lord is my Shepherd unfailingPaul Rader (Author)4
The price that Christ paid for mePaul Rader (Author)2
The river of thy grace is flowing freePaul Rader (Author)15
There are now no heavy crossesPaul Rader (Author)2
There's a place in my heartPaul Rader (Author)2
Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living GodPaul Rader (Author)4
We are gathered for Thy blessingPaul Rader (Author)English35
We praise the name of him who camePaul Rader (Author)2
We remember with joy the first ChristmasPaul Rader (Author)5
We will say goodby some dayPaul Rader (Author)3
When Jesus no longer stands preciously nighPaul Rader (Author)8
只要相信,只要相信 (Zhǐyào xiāngxìn, zhǐyào xiāngxìn)Paul Rader (Author)Chinese2

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