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Short Name: Patrick Prescod
Full Name: Prescod, Patrick, 1932-2013
Birth Year (est.): 1932
Death Year: 2013

Patrick Prescod was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He was a virtuosic pianist. He studied at Trinity College of Music in London, then returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, taught music, led The Kingston Chorale and Cantemus, and worked as the Music Director for the Education Ministry from 1979-1982. He edited the Caribbean hymnal Sing A New Song No. 3. Prescod tried to integrate the familiar cultural features, rhythms, and musical forms into the unfamiliar context of worship.

Dianne Shapiro

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[A child finds a brook so gentle]P. E. P. (Arranger)251232 17336 71765
[All praise and thanks to you O God]P. E. P. (Arranger)211111 72551 23432
[All the Caribbean, bless the Lord]Patrick Prescod (Composer)211111 61211 11121
[Blest be the man who builds his house]P. E. P. (Arranger)151121 23343 45316
[Brothers all, sisters all, Christians everywhere]P. E. P. (Arranger)111156 35554 32331
[Brothers and sisters, we come here today]P. E. P. (Arranger)255356 64655 31255
[Children of the tropical clime]P. E. P. (Arranger)315317 21222 12543
[Christ is risen, risen, risen]P. E. P. (Arranger)211156 66511 16121
[Dear God and Father of us all]Patrick Prescod (Composer)255517 61231 76276
[Deep, our brother's pain]P. E. P. (Arranger)233333 44444 55555
[Dem don't got a drop a shame]Patrick E. Prescod (Arranger)335455 55555 55455
[Enter into Jerusalem]Patrick E. Prescod (Arranger)411123 55177 77675
[Glory to God in the highest] (Trinidad)Patrick Prescod (Arranger)344445 65132 22234
[God of the earth and sky, Lord of our hills and plains]P. E. P. (Arranger)251176 54665 43244
[I am trusting in the Lord]P. E. P. (Arranger)213554 65176 54653
[In remembrance of my agony and strife]P. E. P. (Arranger)232233 33333 21233
[Isles of sunshine in the West]P. E. P. (Arranger)217654 32217 65436
[Jesus, our perfect Teacher]Patrick Prescod (Composer)211535 67115 61733
[Kende, si ta mi ruman]Patrick E. Prescod (Arranger)655351 11766 65432
[Like rain falling on the thirsty ground]P. E. P. (Arranger)233234 21665 67164
[Lord, have mercy, have mercy, have mercy]P. E. P. (Arranger)234511 76676 66766
[Loving one another, we must live as sister and brother]P. E. P. (Arranger)234554 32162 34321
[May the Lord bless you] (Narcisse)P. E. P. (Arranger)212351 11642 66543
[Me alone, me alone]Patrick Prescod (Arranger)334517 67753 33345
[Mi Dios, mi n' sa kiko Bo tin pa]P. E. P. (Arranger)253333 46555 55443
[O God, be gracious and bless us] (Pilgrim)P. E. P. (Arranger)255344 55233 31221
[O God, who calls men by your grace]Patrick Prescod (Composer)211231 43223 45321
[O let the power fall on me, my Lord]Patrick Prescod (Arranger)356711 76513 55665
[O praise the Lord within the Assembly]P. E. P. (Arranger)335531 22755 65671
[O, the Fire, the Pentecostal Fire]P. E. P. (Arranger)256332 11235 63322
[O when the Lord rose triumphant and threw death away]P. E. P. (Arranger)251233 32221 11753
[O God, unseen, but ever near]Patrick Prescod (Composer)213454 32151 75345
[One hundred little sheep]P. E. P. (Arranger)235653 15563 21356
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Rochard)P. E. P. (Arranger)154335 54333 3562
[Our Father who art in heaven, holy, holy, holy be thy name]P. E. P. (Arranger)215551 15522 66662
[Padre nuestro, que estás en los cielos]P. E. P. (Arranger)256711 35132 74721
[Redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb]P. E. P. (Arranger)251765 55653 17665
[Rejoice, highly favoured]P. E. P. (Arranger)233323 44443 45315
[Senjor Bo cu a pone nos na mundu]P. E. P. (Arranger)254111 11117 77777
[Set me like a seal on your heart]Patrick Prescod (Arranger)233354 12355 56534
[Shepherds saw the angels] (Perrin)P. E. P. (Arranger)211356 53312 71113
[Shout to God, all you heavens]P. E. P. (Arranger)111713 41171 11713
[The blazing sun is setting]Patrick Prescod (Composer)253323 15666 56464
[The hills and valleys praise the Lord]Patrick Prescod (Composer)256711 11156 66666
[The Holy Ghost power is moving just like a magnet]P. E. P. (Arranger)251111 17121 71153
[The Lord said, Man]Patrick Prescod (Composer)256711 11113 22776
[The right hand of God is writing in our land] (McShine)P. E. P. (Arranger)251111 34555 65135
[To God the Father, let's give him praise]P. E. P. (Arranger)313555 53122 34444
[Too much hurt and frustration]P. E. P. (Arranger)211112 31333 34532
[We come now to your table Lord]Patrick Prescod (Arranger)355171 22234 51115
[We thank you for the morning]Patrick Prescod (Composer)253344 55133 44513
[When I am happy God understands]P. E. P. (Arranger)251233 54325 71224
[Where is God in all this muddle]P. E. P. (Arranger)251665 43551 66543
[Woman live a Moab lan' name Ruth, name Ruth]Patrick Prescod (Arranger)311123 45343 11112
[You have all my future in your hands, in your hands]Patrick Prescod (Composer)453323 54322 34322
[You must cry out the Word of the Lord]P. E. P. (Arranger)255323 43455 43234
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