Marie J. Post

Short Name: Marie J. Post
Full Name: Post, Marie J., 1919-1990
Birth Year: 1919
Death Year: 1990

Marie (Tuinstra) Post (b. Jenison, MI, 1919; d. Grand Rapids, MI, 1990) While attending Dutch church services as a child, Post was first introduced to the Genevan psalms, which influenced her later writings. She attended Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she studied with Henry Zylstra. From 1940 to 1942 she taught at the Muskegon Christian Junior High School. For over thirty years Post wrote poetry for the Grand Rapids Press and various church periodicals. She gave many readings of her poetry in churches and schools and has been published in a number of journals and poetry anthologies. Two important collections of her poems are I Never Visited an Artist Before (1977) and the posthumous Sandals, Sails, and Saints (1993). A member of the 1987 Psalter Hymnal Revision Committee, Post was a significant contribuĀ­tor to its array of original texts and paraphrases.

Bert Polman

Texts by Marie J. Post (56)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
We wish you many happy returns of the dayMarie J. Post (Author (st. 2))English1
We have told the blessed tidingsMarie J. Post (Author)English2
Those hating Zion have afflicted meMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
The mighty God, Jehovah, speaksMarie J. Post (Reviser)English1
The LORD God is my light and my salvation, Whom shall I fear?Marie J. Post (Versifier)English2
The LORD God from his throne on highMarie J. Post (Author (st. 2))English2
The king rejoices in your strength, O LORD, and in your careMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
The foolish in their hearts exclaimMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
The foolish in their hearts denyMarie J. Post, 1919-1990 (Paraphraser)English6
The earth and the riches with which is it stored, The world and its people belong to the Lord (Post)Marie J. Post (Versifier)English3
Sing praise to our Creator, How good his name to praiseMarie J. Post (Versifier)3
Sing a psalm of joyMarie J. Post (Author)English7
Save me, O God; I sink in floodsMarie J. Post (Author)English5
Rejoice! Sing praise to your CreatorMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
Praise and thanksgiving let everyone bringMarie J. Post (Author (st. 2-3))12
People, gather round! Shout!Marie J. Post (Author)English2
Our world belongs to GodMarie J. Post (Author)English2
Our voice would be a useless cryMarie J. Post (Author)English2
Our Father, clothed with majestyMarie J. Post (Author)English2
O praise the LORD, for he is good; Give thanks, recount his ways (Post)Marie J. Post (Versifier)English2
O my people, turn to meMarie J. Post (Versifier)English3
O LORD my rock, in desperationMarie J. Post (Author)English3
O Lord my God, from you alone comes aidMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
O LORD, come quickly; hear me prayMarie J. Post (Author (sts. 1, 2, 4, 5))English4
O Lord, beneath Thy guiding handMarie Post (Author)English2
O God, you have rejected usMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
O God, why have you cast us all away?Marie J. Post (Versifier)English2
Lord, Thou hast searched me and dost knowMarie J. Post (Revisor )English3
LORD, you have lavished on your landMarie J. Post (Author)English4
Lord, speak for me, for I am yoursMarie J. Post (Author)English3
Lord, I need to come and worshipMarie J. Post (Author)2
LORD, I bring my songs to youMarie J. Post (Author)English5
Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry Have ready access unto TheeMarie J. Post (Versifier (st. 4-6))English1
Let us with a gladsome mind (Milton)Marie J. Post (Alterer)English2
Jehovah from His throne on highMarie Post (Adapter)English1
In our households, heavenly FatherMarie J. Post (Author (sts. 1,2,4))English4
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord foreverMarie J. Post (Author (st. 2))English6
I seek my refuge in you, LORDMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
I praise the king with all my versesMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
How would the Lord be worshipedMarie J. Post (Author)English2
How long will you forget me, LORD, and hide your face from me?Marie J. Post (Versifier)English2
Help, LORD, for those who love your truth have vanishedMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
Hear, O LORD, my urgent prayerMarie J. Post (Author)English5
Hallelujah, praise the LORD, Praise him with each note and wordMarie J. Post (Versifier)English6
Lord, today bless this new marriageMarie J. Post (Author)English5
God reigns: let earth rejoice! Sing praise with one great voiceMarie J. Post (Versifier)English3
God make my life a little light Within the world to glowMarie J. Post (Alterer)English1
For the glories of God's graceMarie J. Post (Versifier)English4
For God so loved the world he madeMarie J. Post (Author)English2
Eternal God beyond all timeMarie J. Post (Author)English2
Defend me, LORD, from those who charge meMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
Come, everyone, and join with usMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!Marie J. Post (Author (st. 2))English1
Be merciful to me, O God, bend down and hear my cryMarie J. Post (Versifier)English2
As Moses raised the serpent upMarie J. Post (Versifier)English6
Almighty Father, covenant GodMarie J. Post (Author)English2
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