Marion Pope

Short Name: Marion Pope
Full Name: Pope, Marion, 1928-
Birth Year: 1928

Marion Pope was a Canadian United Church missionary who spent many years in Korea. She was highly influenced by the missiologist Katharine Hockin, also a United Church missionary who was one of the last western missionaries to leave China after the founding of the People's Republic. Marion was deeply dedicated to expressing the gospel in the cultural context in which it was immersed. She was a gentle but very strong woman who was ahead of her time in her thinking about mission partnership.

Robert Faris (co-worker)

Texts by Marion Pope (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Come now, O Prince of peaceMarion Pope (b. 1928) (Reviser)English, Korean8
Gwinadoda shipchagayŏ (Cross of Christ, you stand above us)Marion Pope (Translator)English, Korean2
Nagŭnee yangshik (Food for pilgrim people)Marion Pope (Paraphraser (English))English, Korean3
Ŏgiyŏngcha ŏgiyŏngcha tachŭl olyŏra norŭl jŏŏra (Ŏgiyŏngcha ŏgiyŏngcha Pull the anchor up, row with all your might)Marion Pope (Paraphraser (English))English, Korean2
Ososo ososo, pyonghwa eui imgumMarion Pope (Paraphraser)Korean16
Sarangŭi Chunim Yesu (Jesus, our true Lord of Love)Marion Pope (Translator (English))English, Korean2
Ttugoun maum (뜨 기 우 마 믕)A. Marion Pope (Translator)Korean1
With the wings of our mindMarion Pope (Translator)English2
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