William H. Pontius

Short Name: William H. Pontius
Full Name: Pontius, William H., 1844-1908
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1937
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[All round the earth, what weary hearts are aching]William Henry Pontius (Composer)413211 21766 55351
[America, so proud and free]W. H. Pontius (Composer)751115 11123 21227
[Be Thou our guide when dangers shall beset us]W. H. Pontius (Composer)213451 21671 55451
[Blow, bugler, blow up one more note]William H. Pontius (Composer)351115 13331 35171
[Come, friends, and join our Christmas song]W. H. Pontius (Composer)255132 12171 22343
[Don't tell me to be brave and use my will]W. H. Pontius (Composer)251333 35311 32146
EIGHMEYWilliam Henry Pontius, 1844-1908 (Composer)351153 21714 32176
[Forward! be our watchword] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)217671 76712 32221
[Go, labor on, while it is day] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)212334 35432 33212
[God has said, forever blessed] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)233345 45172 21265
[God leadeth me! The thought is sweet!]W. H. Pontius (Composer)235653 43231 23565
[Hark! the New Year's chimes are falling]W. H. Pontius (Composer)234553 21111 12222
[Have we chosen Him to follow]W. H. Pontius (Composer)251235 56551 12346
[Have you tasted of salvation]William H. Pontius (Composer)2
[Ho! Army of Endeavors]William Henry Pontius (Composer)351171 16651 71252
HOLY HILL (Pontius)William H. Pontius (Composer)813555 17151 71543
[Home, home, it's O to be home]W. H. Pontius (Composer)235653 35532 13231
[I am weak, and I am small]William Henry Pontius (Composer)435421 35643 13223
[I cannot see the way before]W. H. Pontius (Composer)253343 23165 12343
[In faith we lift our plea]W. H. Pontius (Composer)211355 61156 53212
[In the desert wilds of sin]Will. H. Pontius (Composer)234565 35322 23443
[I've been to the chapel tonight, wife]W. H. Pontius (Composer)255653 21176 55512
[Jesus, lover of my soul] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)255532 17666 22325
[Jesus loves me, even me]W. H. Pontius (Composer)351233 51233 23462
[Let us be loving and gentle]Will H. Pontius (Composer)234323 21551 23212
[Lord of heaven, Thee we praise]W. H. Pontius (Composer)233554 45335 32345
[Lord, set me as a seal]W. H. Pontius (Composer)233216 53321 34332
[My Redeemer safely leads me]W. H. Pontius (Composer)256513 43155 13117
["Nearer to Thee," Lord, so oft have I wandered]W. H. Pontius (Composer)231231 56771 33134
[O my Savior hear the plea]W. H. Pontius (Composer)253153 51351 17165
[Only a little way farther]W. H. Pontius (Composer)256545 11771 32123
[Out of Zion may God bless thee]W. H. Pontius (Composer)354653 51171 27671
[Shout O earth! from silence waking]W. H. Pontius (Composer)211151 23222 25231
[Sinner, hear the invitation sent in mercy]W. H. Pontius (Composer)256723 22756 73276
[Sleep here in peace] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)232433 43225 43553
[Sweet is the light of Sabbath eve] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)234333 32622 21114
[The Lord be with thee]W. H. Pontius (Composer)2
[There is joy among the angels] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)212321 76165 35127
[Touch not the fatal cup]W. H. Pontius (Composer)253217 65542 13253
[Upon the mountain of unrest]W. H. Pontius (Composer)351765 65334 32576
WAITING AND WATCHINGWill H. Pontius (Composer)1555456 54531 1
[Walking with Thee, my God]W. H. Pontius (Composer)434453 22343 34453
[We know not the time when He cometh]William Henry Pontius (Composer)2
[When Israel's host forgot the Lord]W. H. Pontius (Composer)251115 33334 62176
[Who'll take the ranks for Jesus?] (Pontius)W. H. Pontius (Composer)213451 15351 71222

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