Bertus Frederick Polman

Bertus Frederick Polman
Short Name: Bertus Frederick Polman
Full Name: Polman, Bertus Frederick, 1945-2013
Birth Year: 1945
Death Year: 2013

Bert Frederick Polman (b. Rozenburg, Zuid Holland, the Netherlands, 1945; d. Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 1, 2013) was chair of the Music Department at Calvin College and senior research fellow for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Dr. Bert studied at Dordt College (BA 1968), the University of Minnesota (MA 1969, PhD in musicology 1981), and the Institute for Christian Studies. Dr. Bert was a longtime is professor of music at Redeemer College in Ancaster, Ontario, and organist at Bethel Christian Reformed Church, Waterdown, Ontario. His teaching covered a wide range of courses in music theory, music history, music literature, and worship, and Canadian Native studies. His research specialty was Christian hymnody. He was also an organist, a frequent workshop leader at music and worship conferences, and contributor to journals such as The Hymn and Reformed Worship. Dr. Bert was co-editor of the Psalter Hymnal Handbook (1989), and served on the committees that prepared Songs for Life (1994) and Sing! A New Creation (2001), both published by CRC Publications.

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Texts by Bertus Frederick Polman (38)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peaceBert Polman (Author (st. 2))English1
Behold, how good, how pleasant is the unionBertus Frederick Polman (Versifier)English2
Clap your hands all you peopleBert Polman (Author (st. 2))2
Elijah planned to interfereBert Polman (Author)2
Forest trees, what are these?Bertus Frederick Polman (Author (st. 3-4))2
Hail to the Lord's anointedBert Polman (Reviser)English2
Hear us, O Shepherd of your chosen raceBert Polman (Versifier)English2
How blest are those who thoughtfully the poor and weak befriendBertus Frederick Polman (Versifier)English2
I praise the king with all my versesBert Polman (Versifier)English2
I waited patiently for God, He turned to me and heard my cryBert Polman (Versifier)English2
If you believe and I believe and we together prayBert Polman (Author (st. 2-3))English2
It makes no difference who we areBert Polman (Adapter)English2
Jesus, Jesus, let us tell you what we knowBert Polman (Author (st. 2))English2
Jesus the Lord said, "I am the bread"Bert Polman, b. 1945 (Author (sts. 6-7))English2
Lift up your head and let your heart hear the storyBertus Frederick Polman (Author (refrain))2
O mighty rulers, can you claimBert Polman (Versifier)English2
Praised be the God of IsraelBert Polman (Versifier)English2
Restore us, Lord, and show your faceBertus Frederick Polman (Author (refrain))2
Wash me through the grace of God renewed withinBertus Frederick Polman (Author (st. 2-3))English2
When evil people sinBert Polman (Versifier)English2
Christian, do you struggleBert Polman (Reviser)English3
Come light, light of GodBertus Frederick Polman (Translator)English3
Damascus bound, Saul meant to preyBertus Frederick Polman (Author)3
For health and strength and daily foodBert Polman (Author (st. 2-3))English3
God, we sing your glorious praisesBert Polman (Author)English3
Jesus called to Peter, who was fishingBert Polman (Author)3
We are members of Christ's bodyBert Polman, b. 1945 (Author)English3
If I speak a foreign tongueBertus Frederick Polman (Versifier)English4
In the beginning was the Word eternalBert Polman (Versifier)English4
Lord, my petition heedBert Polman (Alterer)English4
O God, we have heard what our parents have toldBert Polman (Author)4
In the presence of your peopleBert Polman (Author (sts, 2-3))English5
John saw the angels and the saints in glory (Juan vio el número de los redímidos)Bert Polman (Versifier (English))English, Spanish5
Magnify the Lord (Magnficat, magnificat)Bert Polman (Author)English, Latin5
Lift up your heads, O gates; The King of glory waitsBert Polman (Author)English6
Christ, you are the fullness of GodBert Polman (Versifier)English7
Come quickly, LORD, to rescue meBertus Frederick Polman (Versifier)English7
"Holy, holy, holy," angel hosts are singing ("Santo, santo, santo" cantan serafines)Bert Polman, 1945-2013 (Translator (st. 1))English9

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