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William W. Phelps

Short Name: William W. Phelps
Full Name: Phelps, William W., 1792-1872
Birth Year: 1792
Death Year: 1872

Wikipedia Biography

William Wines Phelps (February 17, 1792 – March 7, 1872) was an early leader of the Latter Day Saint movement. He printed the first edition of the Book of Commandments that became a standard work of the church and wrote numerous hymns, some of which are included in the current version of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' (LDS Church) hymnal. He was at times both close to and at odds with church leadership. He testified against Joseph Smith, providing evidence that helped persuade authorities to arrest Smith. He was excommunicated three times and rejoined the church each time. He was a ghostwriter for Smith. Phelps was called by Smith to serve as assistant president of the church in Missouri and as a member of the Council of Fifty. After Smith's death, Phelps supported Brigha

Texts by William W. Phelps (48)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
An angel came down from the mansions of gloryWilliam W. Phelps (Author)11
Awake, O ye people, the Savior is comingWilliam W. Phelps (Author)7
By faith the ancients sought the LordWilliam W. Phelps (Author)2
Come, all ye saints, who dwell on earthWilliam W. Phelps (Author)8
Come, all ye sons of Zion, and let us praise the LordWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English19
Come, let us sing an evening hymnWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English1
Come to me, will ye come to the saintsWilliam W. Phelps (Author)3
De la tierra, flores milW. W. Phelps (Author)Spanish3
Earth, with her ten thousand flowersWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English14
El reino de Dios como fuego apareceW. W. Phelps, 1792-1872 (Author)Spanish2
Farewell, our [dear] friends and brethrenWilliam W. Phelps (Author)5
From regions of glory an angel descendedWilliam W. Phelps (Author)2
From the regions of glory an angel descendedWilliam W. Phelps (Author)1
Gently raise the sacred strainWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English12
Glorious things are sung of ZionWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English9
God spake the word, and time beganWilliam W. Phelps (Author)8
Great is the Lord, 'tis good to praiseWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English1
Ho, ho, for the temple's completedWilliam W. Phelps (Author)3
If you could hie to KolobWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English6
Joy to the world! the Lord is come!William W. Phelps, 1792–1872 (Alterer)English1
Let us pray, gladly prayWilliam W. Phelps (Author)7
Now let us rejoice in the day of salvationWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English18
Now we'll sing with one accordWilliam W. Phelps (Author)8
O come, come today, when plenty smilesWilliam W. Phelps (Author)2
O God, the eternal Father, Who dwells amid the skyWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English14
O happy souls, who pray, Where God appoints to hearWilliam W. Phelps (Author)8
O Jesus, the giver of all we enjoyW. W. Phelps (Author)English5
O stop and tell me, red manWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English7
Oh Cristo, de Ti Viene Todo Buen DonW. W. Phelps, 1792-1872 (Author)Spanish2
Praise to the Lord for the great restorationWilliam W. Phelps (Author)2
Praise to the man who communed with JehovahWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English11
Redeemer of Israel, our only delightWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English20
Señor, de tu pueblo el gozo eres túWilliam W. Phelps (Author)Spanish2
See all creation join [joins]William W. Phelps (Author)4
The gallant ship is under wayWilliam W. Phelps (Author)6
The pure testimony is not to establish the selfish inventionWilliam W. Phelps (Author)1
The pure testimony put forth in the spiritWilliam W. Phelps (Author)40
The spirit of God like a fire is burningWilliam W. Phelps (Author)English21
The towers of Zion soon shall riseWilliam W. Phelps (Author)7
There is now a feast for the righteousWilliam W. Phelps (Author)4
There's a feast of fat things for the righteous preparingWilliam W. Phelps (Author)9
This earth was once a garden placeWilliam W. Phelps (Author)10
To him that [who] made the worldWilliam W. Phelps (Author)4
Wake, O wake, the world from sleepingWilliam W. Phelps (Author)5
We thank the Lord for grace and giftsWilliam W. Phelps (Author)2
We're not ashamed to own our LordW. W. Phelps (Author)English9
What fair one is this from the wildernessWilliam W. Phelps (Author)10
When shall we all meet again? When shall we our rest obtain?W. W. Phelps (Author)English2

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