Edgar Pettman

Short Name: Edgar Pettman
Full Name: Pettman, Edgar, 1886-1943
Birth Year: 1886
Death Year: 1943

Wikipedia Biography

Edgar Pettman (1866–1943) was an English organist, choral conductor and music editor. Born in Dunkirk, Kent, in 1881 he entered the Royal Academy of Music where he studied under George Alexander Macfarren. He was organist at a number of London churches, including and St James's Church, Piccadilly until his retirement in 1924. Although the composer of a number of anthems and other church music, he is best known for his 1892 book Modern Christmas Carols. Pettman harmonized the now popular carols I Saw a Maiden and Gabriel's Message, both based on Basque carol melodies, publishing the latter in a pamphlet, The University Carol book, in 1922 with an English rendering by Sabine Baring-Gould. He was also an early editor of the works of Thomas Tallis, publishing an edition in 1900.

Tunes by Edgar Pettman (29)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ADORATION (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)232315 62174 45312
ANGELUS (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)255123 23432 15543
BRONDESBURY (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)253165 51763 32
COBOEdgar Pettman (Composer)216751 23135 3453
CONGRESS (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)213234 35456 532
GABRIEL'S MESSAGE (51324)C. Edgar Pettman, b. 1865-1943 (Arranger)2551324 32125 51324
[Gracious Father, high and holy]Edgar Pettman (Arranger)235112 44365 64516
[Hail, sweet Babe, so pure and holy!]Edgar Pettman (Composer)332435 54433 46711
[I saw His face of sorrow] (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)233355 15533 551
[I was wandering, sad and weary] (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)255111 21765 44454
I WILL ARISEEdgar Pettman (Arranger)111233 34532 6545
[Like a river glorious] (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)215136 55332 11513
LOVE INCARNATEEdgar Pettman (Composer)556323 15123 45123
MIDHURSTEdgar Pettman (Composer)256177 13212 345
MOOSONEEEdgar Pettman (Composer)353122 16432 22253
NORMANDY (51112)C. Edgar Pettman (Arranger)551112 33321 175
NORMANDY CAROLCharles Edgar Pettman, 1866-1943 (Adapter)136667 11176 65335
[Nothing between, Lord, nothing between] (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)255551 55551 76543
[Who is this babe so lowly] (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)251234 32311 17122
PILGRIMAGE (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)231176 33311 76334
REX GRATIAEEdgar Pettman (Composer)256543 32217 4543
SERVICE (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)236532 11712 34543
THE INFANT KINGCharles Edgar Pettman (1866-1943) (Arranger)312712 34565 43231
SUNRISE (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)255554 53323 1171
SYDNEY (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)232334 34212 5123
TEMPEST (11123)Edgar Pettman (Arranger)211123 21232 11233
THE PRIORYEdgar Pettman (Composer)255555 57655 55557
VENITE (Pettman)Edgar Pettman (Composer)233456 22171 65
WHITSTABLEEdgar Pettman (Composer)232175 67132 17176

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