Mary B. Peters

Short Name: Mary B. Peters
Full Name: Peters, Mary B. (Mary Bowley, 1813-1856
Birth Year (est.): 1806
Death Year: 1856

See also Mary P. Bowly.

Peters, Mary, née Bowly, daughter of Richard Bowly, of Cirencester, was born in 1813, and subsequently married to the Rev. John McWilliam Peters, sometime Rector of Quennington, Gloucestershire, and died at Clifton, July 29, 1856. Her prose work, The World’s History from the Creation to the Accession of Queen Victoria, was published in seven volumes. Several of her hymns were contributed to the Plymouth Brethren's Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, London, D. Walther, 1842. These with others, 58 in all, were published by Nisbet & Co., London, 1847, as Hymns intended to help the Communion of Saints. Dr. Walker introduced several from these collections into his Cheltenham Psalms & Hymns, 1855. Many of these have been repeated in Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872. and other Church of England hymnbooks. These include, besides those annotated under their respective first lines :—

i. From Psalms, Hymns, & Sacred Songs, 1842:—
1. Blessed Lord, our hearts are panting. Buria. Given in later collections as "Blessed Lord, our souls are longing."
2. How can there be one holy thought! Holiness through Christ.
3. Jesus, how much Thy Name unfolds. The Name of Jesus.
4. Lord, we see the day approaching. Second Advent.
5. 0 Lord, we know it matters not. Taught by the Spirit.
6. The murmurs of the wilderness. Praise to Jesus.
7. The saints awhile dispersed abroad. God within us.
8. Unworthy is thanksgiving. Jesus the Mediator.
9. Whom have we, Lord, but Thee. Christ All in All.
10. With thankful hearts we meet, 0 Lord. Public Worship.

From her Hymns, &c, 1847:—
11. Earth's firmest ties will perish. Burial.
12. Enquire, my soul, enquire. Second Advent.
13. Hallelujah, we are hastening. Journeying Heavenward.
14. Holy Father, we address Thee. Holy Trinity.
15. Jesus, of Thee we ne'er would tire. Holy Communion.
16. Lord Jesus, in Thy Name alone. Holy Communion.
17. Lord, through the desert drear and wide. Prayer for Perseverance.
18. Many sons to glory bring. Security in Christ.
19. 0 Lord, whilst we confess the worth. Dead in Christ. Sometimes it begins with st. ii., "Dead to the world we here avow."
20. Our God is light, we do not go. Christ the Guide.
21. Praise ye the Lord, again, again. Public Worship.
22. Salvation to our God. Passiontide.
23. The holiest we enter. Public Worship. Sometimes given as "The holiest now we enter."
24. Through the love of God our Saviour. Security in Christ.
25. Thy grace, 0 Lord, to us hath shown. Offertory.
26. We're pilgrims in the wilderness. Life a Pilgrimage.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Mary B. Peters (30)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Around thy table, holy Lord, In fellowship we meet (Peters)Mary Bowly Peters (1813-1856) (Author)3
Around thy table, holy Lord, In fellowship we meetMary B. Peters (Author (vs. 1))English1
Blessed Lord, our souls are longingMary Bowley Peters (Author)3
By Thee, O God, invitedMary Bowley (Author)English3
Holy Father, we address TheeMary Bowley Peters (Author)English9
Jesus, how much Thy name unfoldsMary Bowley (Author)English12
Jesus, of thee we ne'er would tireMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
Lord Jesus, in thy name aloneMary Bowley Peters (Author)5
Lord, through the desert drear and wideMary Bowley Peters (Author)6
Lord, we see the day approachingMary Bowley Peters (Author)5
Lord, while our souls in faith reposeMary Bowley (Author)English2
Lord, while we here confessMary Bowley Peters (Author)1
Many sons to glory bringingMary B. Peters (Author)English2
O blessed Lord, what hast thou doneMary Peters (Author)3
O Lord, how blest our jouneyMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
O Lord, how much thy name unfoldsMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
O Lord, we know it matters notMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
O Lord, while we confess the worthMary B. Peters (Author)English23
Of thee, we would never tireMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
One spirit with the LordMary Bowley Peters (Author)3
Praise ye the Lord, again, againMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
哦,神,是你召我們來看你的兒子 (Ó, shén, shì nǐ zhào wǒmen lái kàn nǐ de érzi)Mary Bowley Peters (Author)Chinese2
The holiest we enter in perfect peace with GodMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
Through the love of God our SaviorMary B. Peters (Author)English143
Unworthy is thanksgivingMary Bowley Peters (Author)2
Vain is the thought of manMary Bowley (Author)English2
We are by Christ redeemedMary Bowley Peters (Author)6
Whom have we, Lord, but TheeMary Bowley (Author)English3
With thankful hearts we meet, O LordMary Bowley Peters (Author)English7
耶穌!你名何等芬芳,在蒙恩人身上!(Yēsū! Nǐ míng héděng fēnfāng, zài méng ēnrén shēnshang!)Mary B. Peters (Author)Chinese2
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