Kenneth L. Patton

Short Name: Kenneth L. Patton
Full Name: Patton, Kenneth L. (Kenneth Leo), 1911-1994
Birth Year: 1911
Death Year: 1994 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Kenneth L. Patton (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Before the stars a man is smallK. L. Patton (Author)2
Brief our days, but long for singingK. L. Patton (Author)2
Feet of the urgent pioneerK. L. Patton (Author)2
Let all men living in all landsK. L. Patton (Author)2
Let all who live in freedomK. L. Patton (Author)2
Let this be a house of peaceKenneth L. Patton (Author)English2
Let those who live in every landKenneth L. Patton (Author)English2
Man is the earth upright and proudK. L. Patton (Author)3
Now once again the heaven turnsK. L. Patton (Author)2
Ours be the poems of all tonguesKenneth L. Patton (Author)English2
Quest of the ages goal of menK. L. Patton (Author)2
The blessings of the earth and skyK. L. Patton (Author)English3
The earth is home and all abundantK. L. Patton (Author)English3
We are the earth upright and proudKenneth L. Patton (Author)English2
We journey with a multitudeK. L. Patton (Author)2
When we have ended searchingK. L. Patton (Author)2

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