Joy F. Patterson

Joy F. Patterson
Short Name: Joy F. Patterson
Full Name: Patterson, Joy F., 1931-
Birth Year: 1931

Joy F. Patterson (b. 1931), of Wassau, Wisconsin, is an elder in the Presbyterian Church who has written many texts and tunes; twenty-nine are collected in Come, You People of the Promise (Hope Publishing, Co., 1994); another collection, Teach Our Eyes New Ways of Seeing, was published in 2005 (Selah). Patterson has enjoyed a varied career as a French professor, homemaker, and claim representative for the Social Security Administration.

Sing! A New Creation

Texts by Joy F. Patterson (45)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A leaf tossed by the seaJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
Alleluia! Alleluia! (Patterson)Joy F. Patterson, b. 1931 (Author)2
Along the roads of daily life we sitJoy F. Patterson, 1931- (Author)2
By your streams of living watersJoy F. Patterson (Author)2
Christ, you call us all to serviceJoy F. Patterson (Author)English7
Come, you people of the promiseJoy F. Patterson (Author)English3
Deep night has hushed GethsemaneJoy F. Patterson (Author)2
Disciples gathered gladlyJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
God comes to earth in Jesus, our brotherJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
God, the invisible, hidden in lightJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
Great Source of all our lifeJoy F. Patterson, 1931- (Author)2
Holy are you, Clothed in bright majestyJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, Teacher, FriendJoy F. Patterson, 1931- (Author)English2
[Hosanna, Hosanna! (Patterson)]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
In deep despair I cry to youJoy F. Patterson, b. 1931 (Paraphraser)English3
In the bleakness of the winterJoy F. Patterson (Author)3
Isaiah the prophet has written of oldJoy F. Patterson (Author)English15
Jesus, be my guide and teacherJoy F. Patterson, 1931- (Author)2
Jesus heard with deep compassion pleas for healingJoy F. Patterson (Author)English6
Jesus, in whom all worlds have been createdJoy F. Patterson (Author)2
[Listen, Lord, and Heed My Crying]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
Look up, a new thing I am doingJoy F. Patterson (Author)2
[Lord God of Constant Loving Kindness]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
[O God, in Christ We Meet the King]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
O God, you gave your servant JohnJoy F. Patterson (Author)2
O Lord, You gave Your servant JohnJoy F. Patterson (Author)English4
Our God, Creation's loving sourceJoy F. Patterson (Author)2
Peoples, clap your hands! Shout to God with joyJoy F. Patterson (Author)English4
[Since Jesus Gave His Life for Us]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
[The Kingdom of God Grows Silently]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
[The Sower Scatters Seeds]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
[The Ten Commandments] (Patterson)Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
The voice of Jesus calls his peopleJoy F. Patterson (Author)2
This is the day the Lord has madeJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
[This Is the Joyful Celebration]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
[Three Precious Gifts the Spirit Gives]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
To Peter, lost in earnest prayerJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
We all are now one peopleJoy F. Patterson (Author)English2
When aimless violence takes those we loveJoy F. Patterson, b. 1931 (Author)English8
[When Lazarus Lay within the Tomb]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
When life for us is full of comfortJoy F. Patterson, 1931- (Author)2
[Within a Womb of Darkness]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
[Woman, Who Has Let You In]Joy F. Patterson (Author)English2
You call to us, Lord JesusJoy F. Patterson, b. 1931 (Author)English2
Your faithfulness, O Lord, is sureJoy F. Patterson (Author)English4
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