H. R. Palmer

H. R. Palmer
Short Name: H. R. Palmer
Full Name: Palmer, H. R. (Horatio Richmond), 1834-1907
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1907

Palmer, Horatio Richmond, MUS. DOC, was born April 26, 1834. He is the author of several works on the theory of music; and the editor of some musical editions of hymnbooks. To the latter he contributed numerous tunes, some of which have attained to great popularity, and 5 of which are in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, London, 1881.

His publications include Songs of Love for the Bible School; and Book of Anthems, the combined sale of which has exceeded one million copies. As a hymnwriter he is known by his "Yield not to temptation," which was written in 1868, and published in the National Sunday School Teachers' Magazine, from which it passed, with music by the author, into his Songs of Love, &c, 1874, and other collections. In America its use is extensive. Dr. Palmer's degree was conferred by the University of Chicago in 1880.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Palmer, H. R., p. 877, i. The hymn "Would you gain the best in life" (Steadfastness), in the Congregational Sunday School Supplement, 1891, the Council School Hymn Book, 1905, and others, is by this author.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by H. R. Palmer (60)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Angry words, O let them neverH. R. Palmer (Author)English56
As Joseph was awalking, he heard an angel singH. R. Palmer (Adapter)English1
Bekämpfet das Böse, besieget die Sünd'H. R. Palmer (Author)German2
Broad though the Atlantic beHoratius R. Palmer (Author)English2
Christ is knocking at my sad heartH. R. P. (Author)English50
Companions hie we quicklyH. R. Palmer (Author)English2
சோதனையால் விழாதே (Cōtaṉaiyāl viḻātē)H. R. Palmer (Author)Tamil2
Droben ist eine HeimatH. R. Palmer (Author)German1
E ho'omaika'i! ho'okani a'e hosana!Horatio R. Palmer, 1834-1907 (Author)Hawaiian2
El tiempo corto esHoratius Palmer (Author)Spanish2
Father, hear us, O be near usH. R. Palmer (Author)2
Flieh, flieh' jede SündeHoratius R. Palmer (Author)German3
Folg' keiner VersuchungHoratius R. Palmer (Author)German5
Folg' nicht der Versuchung! Die Sünde betrügt!H. R. Palmer (Author)German8
Folg' nicht der Versuchung, Denn folgen ist Sünd'!H. R. Palmer (Author)German2
Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, Hear thenHoratius R. Palmer (Author)2
Girded with joy and with gladnessH. R. Palmer (Author)English2
God's promise for ever abidethHoratius R. Palmer (Author)English2
Gone, gone, gone from our homeH. R. Palmer (Author)English7
Hay un hogar eternoH. R. Palmer (Author)Spanish2
Here's a lesson we should heed, try try againH. R. Palmer (Author)English3
Hin zur goldnen Stadt wir kommenHoratio R. Palmer (Author)German1
Holy Spirit from above, fill our hearts with Thy pure loveH. R. P. (Author)English19
Hüt' dich vor VersuchungH. R. Palmer (Author)German1
I hear my Lord invitingH. R. Palmer (Author)2
If, when the joyous day is goneH. R. P. (Author)English6
Jesus loves little children, He is their FriendH. R. Palmer (Author)English21
Jesus will never, never forsake theeH. R. Palmer (Author)English6
Kind, fliehe die SündeH. R. Palmer (Author)German2
Låt synden ej rådaH. R. Palmer (Author)Swedish4
Lad Fristelsen ikkeH. R. Palmer (Author)2
Mai ae i ka hewaHoratio R. Palmer, 1834-1907 (Author)Hawaiian3
Marching, marching, marching on to victoryH. R. P. (Author)English5
Master, the tempest is raging!H. R. P. (Author)English8
No hablemos con enojoH. R. Palmer, 1834-1907 (Author)Spanish2
O come away to the school roomHoratius R. Palmer (Author)2
O eyes that are weary, and hearts that are soreH. R. Palmer (Author)English56
O Lord, our Lord, how excellent Thy name; How excellent is Thy name in all the earth (Psalm 8)Horatio R. Palmer (Author)English1
O mein Vater, nimm mich, mach mich WohlgefälligH. R. Palmer (Author)German1
O my Father! take me, make meH. R. Palmer (Author)English4
On a far away strand there's a beautiful landH. R. Palmer (Author)2
Onda ord, o, låt dem aldrigH. R. Palmer (Author)Swedish5
Only a word, but with fervency pouredH. R. P. (Arranger)English1
Precious Savior, dear RedeemerH. R. P. (Author)English11
Är du glad, af hjärtat nöjdH. R. Palmer (Author)4
Saanca a bumdeng iti sulisogH. R. Palmer (Author)Tagalog2
ശോ-ധനയിൽ വീഴ-ല്ലേ; വീഴ്-ച പാപം (Śēā-dhanayil vīḻa-llē; vīḻ-ca pāpaṁ)H. R. Palmer (Author)Malayalam2
Sei stark in VersuchungHoratius R. Palmer (Author)German3
Shall we meet beyond the river, Where the surges cease to roll?H. R. P. (Author)English1
Stehe fest in Versuchung!Horatio R. Palmer (Author)German1
Step by step O gentle Jesus lead meHoratius R. Palmer (Author)English2
Tentado, no cedas, ceder es pecarHoratio Palmer (Author)Spanish12
There is a home eternal, beautiful and brightH. R. Palmer (Author)English36
There's a Rose that is blooming for you, friendH. R. Palmer (Author)English29
Trusting sweetly in JesusH. R. Palmer (Author)2
Ujaribiwapo, 'sifanye dhambiH. R. Palmer (Author)Swahili1
We shall see the golden cityH. R. Palmer (Author)English5
While Jesus whispers to youH. R. P. (Author)English2
Yield not to temptationH. R. Palmer (Author)English672
You're starting my boy on life's journeyPalmer (Author)English2

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