Jimmy Owens

Short Name: Jimmy Owens
Full Name: Owens, Jimmy
Birth Year: 1930

Owens, James Lloyd (Jimmy). (Clarksdale, Mississippi, December 9, 1930-- ). Foursquare. Attended Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss.; Southwestern College, Memphis, Tennessee; Cathedral School of the Bible, Oakland, California; Cabot College, San Leandro, Calif. Minister of Music, The Neighborhood Church, Oakland, Calif., 1951-1966; Minister of Music, United Community Church, Glendale, Calif., 1966-1968; Minister of Music, Anaheim Christian Center (now Melodyland Christian Center), Anaheim, Calif., 1968-1969.

With his wife Carol, Owens has composed four Christian musicals. He has recorded several albums.

--Terry W. York, DNAH Archives

Wikipedia Biography

Jimmy and Carol Owens are an American husband and wife songwriting and author team. They are best known for the Christian children's album, Ants'hillvania, which was nominated for the 23rd annual Grammy Award for Best Children's Album in 1981. The Owens have worked with many singers and songwriters, either individually or together, including: Randy Stonehill, Pat Boone, Jack Hayford, Andraé Crouch, Annie Herring, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Barry McGuire, The Imperials, Larnelle Harris and more.

Texts by Jimmy Owens (24)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
God forgave my sin in Jesus' nameJimmy Owens (Author)English1
Before the worlds were createdJimmy Owens (Author)2
He is born, our Lord and SaviorJimmy Owens (Author)English2
Jesus' people come together, let your light shine!Jimmy Owens (Author)English2
Lord, achieve your holy purpose, wake Your church to intercedeJ.O. (Author)English2
May we enter Your gates with thanksgivingJimmy Owens (Author)English2
Our God is far greater than words can make knownJimmy Owens (Author)English2
Padre nuestro, Padre nuestroJimmy Owens (Author)Spanish2
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow (Ken)Jimmy Owens, 1930- (Author)English2
Santo, santo, Pai bondosoJimmy Owens (Author)2
Santo, santo, santo, santo, Santo Santo, Dios poderosoJommy Owens, b. 1930 (Author)Spanish2
Santo, santo; santo santo; Santo santo eres tú Señor amadoJimmy Owens (Author)Spanish2
Święty, świętyJimmy Owens (Author)Polish2
This is my body, broken for youJimmy Owens (Author (vs. 1-2))English2
We are heirs of the FatherJimmy Owens (Author)2
What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear (Owens)J. O. (Author)English2
You shall be holy unto MeJ. O. (Author)English2
By a new and living way entrance to the very throneJ. O. (Author)3
If My people, which are called by My nameJimmy Owens (Adapter)English3
“Me seréis santos”, dice DiosJimmy Owens (Author)Spanish3
He is here, he is hereJimmy Owens (Author)English4
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth! (Owen)J.O. (Author)English6
Clap your hands all you peopleJimmy Owens (Paraphraser)10
Holy, holy, holy, holyJimmy Owens (Author)English31

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