Aaron W. Orwig

Short Name: Aaron W. Orwig
Full Name: Orwig, Aaron W., 1838-1931
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1931

Orwig, Aaron W. (1838--1931). Son of Bishop William W. Orwig. Sister Sue Hoffman also a hymnwriter. Aaron Orwig was licensed to preach in 1871 in the Ohio Conference of the Evangelical Association. Publisher of a magazine, The Living Epistle (1869-?). Resided in California before his death.

--Robert S. Wilson, DNAH Archives

Texts by Aaron W. Orwig (9)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Almighty God, do Thou beholdA. W. Orwig (Author)English3
No longer delay, no longer delayAaron W. Orwig (Author)2
Not across the surging oceanA. W. Orwig (Author)English2
Not the pleasures of the worldsAaron W. Orwig (Author)2
O God of peace, Thee we imploreAaron W. Orwig (Author)English6
Out in the world so darkAaron W. Orwig (Author)2
The drink I'll use will not be wineRev. A. W. Orwig (Author)English5
The sinner's Friend, O blessed thoughtAaron W. Orwig (Author)2
'Tis there we learn to understandA. O. Orwig (Author)English2
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