Francis Patrick O'Brien

Short Name: Francis Patrick O'Brien
Full Name: O'Brien, Francis Patrick does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Francis Patrick O'Brien (22)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Blessed, blessed are the poor in spirit (O'Brien)Francis Patrick O'Brien (Author)2
Breaking bread with friends as his life was at an endFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)English4
Children of Jerusalem shouting praisesFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)2
Come, O God, renew your peopleFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English5
Dark is the night and deep are the shadowsFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)5
Every nation sees the gloryFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)English5
From darkness to lightFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English2
Gather the people, the children, the eldersFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English4
I lift up my eyes to the mountains (O'Brien)Francis Patrick O'Brien (Author)2
I will hear what God proclaims, The Lord proclaims peace to the peopleFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English2
I will never stop thanking my GodFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English4
If I speak with the voice of angelsFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)3
LORD, let me know your waysFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English2
My shepherd is the Lord, for nothing shall I wantFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English4
Open their ears. Open their heartsFrancis Patrick O’Brien (Author)English3
Protect me, Lord; I come to your for safetyFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)7
Silent, in the chill of midnightFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)5
Taste and see, taste and see the goodness of our GodFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)English1
The Royal Banners forward goFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author (refrain))English1
This is the bread come down from heavenFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
Wisdom of God, guiding creationFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)English3
Wood of the cradle, wood of the crossFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)English5
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