Marty Nystrom

Marty Nystrom
Short Name: Marty Nystrom
Full Name: Nystrom, Marty

Martin J. Nystrom, a songwriter, was born in 1956 in Seattle, Washington, to a mother who grew up in the Christian Reformed Church; his father was brought up in the Evangelical Covenant Church. After graduating from Oral Roberts University with a degree in music education, Nystrom worked as a music director for the New York branch of Christ for the Nations. More recently he has served as a song development manager for Integrity Music, for whom he has written more than seventy songs. Nystrom is featured as worship leader on five Integrity "Hosanna" tapes. He also gives presentations at numerous conferences throughout the world.

Texts by Marty Nystrom (17)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A broken spirit and a contrite heartMartin J Nystrom (Author)English3
[All glory and honor]Martin J Nystrom (Author)English2
[As for Me and My House]Martin J Nystrom (Author)English2
[As High As the Heavens]Marty Nystrom (Author)English2
As the deer pants for the water (Nystrom)Martin Nystrom, 1956- (Author)English36
[By the Blood of the Lamb]Martin J Nystrom (Author)English2
Come to the table of mercyMartin J. Nystrom (Author (st. 1))English2
Como el ciervo clama por las aguasMartin Nystrom (1959- ) (Author)Spanish3
For His anger lasts only a momentMarty Nystrom (Author)English2
I will come and bow down at Your feet, Lord Jesus.Marty Nystrom (Author)2
Lord, my heart is prone to wanderMarty Nystrom (Author)2
[My Help Comes from the Lord]Marty Nystrom (Author)English2
[Remember Me] (Gustafson and Nystrom)Marty Nystrom (Author)English2
We will draw near to You, JesusMartin J. Nystrom (Author)English2
[We'll Be Faithful]Martin J Nystrom (Author)English2
You alone are my heart's desireMartin Nystrom (Author)2
[You Have Called Us]Martin J Nystrom (Author)English2
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