Caroline M. Noel

Short Name: Caroline M. Noel
Full Name: Noel, Caroline M., 1817-1877
Birth Year: 1817
Death Year: 1877

Caroline Marie Noel (b. Teston, Kent, England, 1817; d. St. Marylebone, London, England, 1877) The daughter of an Anglican clergyman and hymn writer, she began to write poetry in her late teens but then abandoned it until she was in her forties. During those years she suffered frequent bouts of illness and eventually became an invalid. To encourage both herself and others who were ill or incapacitated, Noel began to write devotional verse again. Her poems were collected in The Name of Jesus and Other Verses for the Sick and Lonely (1861, enlarged in 1870).

Bert Polman
Noel, Caroline Maria, daughter of the Hon. Gerard T. Noel (p. 809, ii.), and niece of the Hon. Baptist W. Noel, was born in London, April 10, 1817, and died at 39 Great Cumberland Place, Hyde Park, Dec. 7, 1877. Her first hymn, "Draw nigh unto my soul" (Indwelling), was written when she was 17. During the next three years she wrote about a dozen pieces: from 20 years of age to 40 she wrote nothing; and during the next 20 years the rest of her pieces were written. The first edition of her compositions was published as The Name of Jesus and Other Verses for the Sick and Lonely, in 1861. This was enlarged from time to time, and its title subsequently changed by the publishers to The Name of Jesus and Other Poems. The 1878 ed. contains 78 pieces.

Miss Noel, in common with Miss Charlotte Elliott, was a great sufferer, and many of these verses were the outcome of her days of pain. They are specially adapted "for the Sick and Lonely" and were written rather for private meditation than for public use, although several are suited to the latter purpose. Her best known hymn is the Processional for Ascension Day, "At the Name of Jesus." It is in the enlarged edition of The Name of Jesus, &c, 1870, p. 59, and is dated 1870 by her family.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Caroline M. Noel (10)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All round the rolling world, both night and dayCaroline M. Noel (Author)English2
At the Name of Jesus Every knee shall bow (Noel)C. M. Noel (Author)English232
But who shall comfort nowCaroline M. Noel (Author)2
God of all love and pityCaroline M. Noel (Author)English2
Hail the cross of JesusCaroline Maria Noel (Author)English6
He emptied himself, as a slave, yet freeCaroline M. Noel (Author (refrain))English5
Lay Thy hand upon me When I fall asleepCaroline M. Noel (Author)English3
O Ate wakaŋ kiŋCaroline Maria Noel (Author)Dakota1
Tell it out among the peopleCaroline M. Noel (Author)English2
When evening clouds hang clustering round the sunC. M. Noel (Author)English2

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