James Nicholson

Short Name: James Nicholson
Full Name: Nicholson, James, 1828-1876
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1896

James L Nicholson United Kingdom/USA 1828-1876. Born in Ireland, he emigrated to the United States around age 25. He lived in Philadelphia, PA, worked as a postal clerk, and was a member of the Wharton Street Methodist Episcopal Church there for about 20 years, where he taught Sunday school, led singing in church, and assisted in evangelical work. This was also hymn writer, William J Kirkpatrick’s, church. Around 1871 he moved to Washington, DC, and worked as a postal clerk there. In addition to his hymn writing, he also wrote several books, one on birds and their care, one on forensic medicine. He died in Washington, DC, but was buried in Philadelphia, PA.

John Perry
Nicholson, James, an American Methodist minister, is the author of (1) "Dear [Lord] Jesus I long to be perfectly whole" (Holiness desired); and (2) "There's a beautiful land on high " (Heaven), both of which are in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, 1878.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by James Nicholson (77)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A brand from the burningJames L. Nicholson (Author)2
A home in heaven, when life shall endJames L. Nicholson (Author)2
A soft sweet voice from Eden stealingJames L. Nicholson (Author)English4
Ack Jesus, jag längtar att helt bliva dinJ. Nicholson (Author)Swedish5
Ak, Jesus, jeg længes at helt være dinJames L. Nicholson (Author)Norwegian2
All praise and all majesty, honor and blessingJames Nicholson (Author)English5
Anhelo ser limpio y completo, JesúsJames Nicholson (1828-1876) (Author)Spanish2
As by kind teachers we are ledJames Nicholson (Author)3
Be not faithless, but believingJames Nicholson (Author)English7
Behold all around, what wonderful sight!Jas. Nicholson (Author)English3
Believer in Jesus, wherever you areJames Nicholson (Author)English3
Come, follow me, the Savior saidJames Nicholson (Author)English6
Come, my Savior and my KingJames L. Nicholson (Author)2
Do something for Jesus today, Remember what he did for youJ. Nicholson (Author)English7
Down yonder by the cool green meadowJames Nicholson (Author)2
Going up to the joys everlastingJas. Nicholson (Author)English2
Господь, мой Спаситель, Тебя я молю (Gospod', moy Spasitel', Tebya ya molyu)James Nicholson (Author)Russian2
Hark! a voice from Eden stealingJames Nicholson (Author)English1
Here is my joy as I journey belowJames L. Nicholson (Author)2
Herr Jesu, mein Heiland, erhöre mein Fleh'nJames Nicholson (Author)German1
Herr Jesus, ich wäre so gerne ganz heilJames Nicholson (Author)German4
How happy we all appear todayJames Nicholson (Author)2
How sweetly my soul rest on JesusJames Nicholson (Author)2
I praise the Lord that one like meJames Nicholson (Author)English24
I'm nothing but a sinner, LordJas. Nicholson (Author)2
In dem Himmel ist's wunderschönJames L. Nicholson (Author)German1
In God I have found a retreatm Where I can securely reside (Adams)James Nicholson, 1828-1876 (Author)English2
In God I have found a retreat Where I can securely abide (Nicholson)James Nicholson (Author)English34
In gospel armor now I standJames Nicholson (Author)4
In Gott fand ich Zuflucht und Ruh'James L. Nicholson (Author)German1
In Jesus I have found sweet restJames Nicholson (Author)English5
In the world ye shall have tribulationJames Nicholson (Author)2
Jesús es mi luz, jamás temeréJames Nicholson (Author)Spanish2
Jesús es mi luz, y no temeréJames Nicholson (Author)Spanish2
Jesus liebt mich allezeitJames L. Nicholson (Author)German1
Jesus, my precious SaviorJames Nicholson (Author)English3
Jesus saves me every dayJames Nicholson (Author)English16
Jesus thou art sweet and mildJames L. Nicholson (Author)2
لا نجس له دخولJames Nicholson (Author)Arabic1
Lieber Jesu, ich wäre so gerne ganz heilJames L. Nicholson (Author)German1
Looking unto Jesus for sustaining graceJames Nicholson (Author)English6
Dear Jesus, I long to be perfectly wholeJames Nicholson (Author)English607
Lord Jesus, my heart has been hard and uncleanJames L. Nicholson (Author)English1
Lord, what wilt thou have me doJames Nicholson (Author)2
Mein Jesus, ich sehn mich dein völlig zu seinJames L. Nicholson (Author)German2
Mein Jesus, noch bin ich nicht fleckenlos reinJames Nicholson (Author)German2
My many sins I now can seeJames L. Nicholson (Author)English3
Navo'ėstanevėhahtsetanȯ havėsevevaJames Nicholson (Author)Cheyenne2
Nichts, was unrein, kann dort eingeh'nJames L. Nicholson (Author)German1
Nothing unclean can enter inJames Nicholson (Author)English9
O jag vet om ett ljufligt landJames L. Nicholson (Author)2
O Jesus, helbred mig, at jeg bliver velJames L. Nicholson (Author)2
O Jesus, ich wär' so gern heilig und reinJames Nicholson (Author)German8
Oft I hear hope sweetly singing, Softly in an undertoneJames Nicholson (Alterer)English9
Our country for Jesus, we claimJas. Nicholson (Author)English3
Our Father, we come on this Children's DayJames L. Nicholson (Author)English3
Our Jesus says that He will comeJames Nicholson (Author)English8
Salvation full and freeJames Nicholson (Author)English2
Se hint herlige, skjoenne LandJames Nicholson (Author)2
The blood of atonement, which Jesus hath shedJames Nicholson (Author)2
The blood of Jesus ChristJames L. Nicholson (Author)3
The harvest is passedJames Nicholson (Author)2
The Lord is my Light, then why should I fear?James Nicholson (Author)English40
There's a beautiful land on highJames Nicholson (Author)English50
Though weak my faith, I'm holding onJames L. Nicholson (Author)English8
We will meet beyond the riverJames Nicholson (Author)2
What shall I do, then, with Jesus? Thus the wicked Pilate saidJames Nicholson (Author)English3
When first the precious Savior cameJames Nicholson (Author)2
When living in darknessJames Nicholson (Author)2
When sick of inbred sinJames L. Nicholson (Author)English3
While of these emblems we partakeJames Nicholson (Author)English6
While sailing over life's stormy seaJames Nicholson (Author)2
While we with joyful hearts uniteJ. Nicholson (Author)English7
Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snowJames L. Nicholson (Author)3
Yo quiero ser limpio, bendito JesúsJames L. Nicholson (Author)Spanish5
يسوع إليك يحن الحشاJames Nicholson (Author)Arabic1
主耶穌,我真羡慕能得完全 (Zhǔ yēsū, wǒ zhēn xiànmù néng dé wánquán)James L. Nicholson (Author)Chinese2
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