H. Ernest Nichol

Short Name: H. Ernest Nichol
Full Name: Nichol, H. Ernest, 1862-1928
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1928

H. Ernest Nichol (b. Hull, Yorkshire, England, 1862; d. Skirlaugh, Yorkshire, England, 1926) had begun a study program in civil engineering when he decided to study music instead. In 1888 he received a bachelor's degree in music from Oxford University. Nichol wrote some 130 hymn tunes and texts, many under the pseudonym “Colin Sterne” (derived from his middle and last name); many were first sung at church school programs.

Psalter Hymnal Handbook


Nichol, Henry Ernest, was b. Dec. 10, 1862, at Hull. He took the degree of MUS. BAC. at Oxford in 1888. He has written fourteen sets of Sunday School Anniversary Hymns (130 in all), with original tunes, besides many published in leaflet form, mostly under the anagram of 1677
Colin Sterne. The following are in the Sunday School Hymnary, 1905, the dates being those of composition and publication by the author:—
1. Life is opening out before you. Christian Courage 1897.
2. Rest, O rest! at eve Thy children's voices. Evening. 1897.
3. We've a story to tell to the nations. Foreign Missions. 1896.
4. Where the flag is flying. Boys Brigade. 1901.
[Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by H. Ernest Nichol (54)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Build on the Rock, the Rock that ever standsH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English2
Children's happy voicesH. Ernest Nicol (Author)2
Contaremos a todas nacionesH. Ernest Nichol (Author)Spanish2
Daisies of the meadow in our hands we bearH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Fresh from the Father's handColin Sterne (Author)2
Go forward, O children! the dawn shineth brightColin Sterne (Author)2
God's music is about our wayH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Happy little children, Stand weH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Hark to the sound of voicesColin Sterne (Author)English16
Hay historia que dar a los pueblosH. Ernest Nichol, 1862-1928 (Author)Spanish2
How fair the sunset's golden gleamH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
I saw a streamlet flashingH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Jesus calls for soldiers, ready, true and braveH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English3
Jesus, Lord of heavenly graceH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Jesus was teaching in tender tonesH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English3
La historia de Cristo diremosH. Ernest Nichol (Author)Spanish4
Life is opening out before youH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English2
Little links of gold are weH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Long ago and far away (Nichol)H. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Loving hearts and happy voicesH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Marching beneath the bannerH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English1
O give us light, we pray theeH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
O Master, give me gentle thoughtsH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
O soldiers of the ranksH. Ernest Nichol (Author)3
Rest, O rest! at eve Thy children's voicesH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English1
Ringing the tidings of His birthH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English1
Shining through the ages comes the story oldH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Sing, sing, sing a song of delightH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Slowly the day is melting into twilightH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Stepping on the way to heavenH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Sweet Mary lulled her blessed ChildH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English1
The flowers of earth are bloomingH. E. Nichol (Author)English1
True and brave, in the courage of hopeH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Twilight brooded o'er the meadowsH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Una historia diremos al mundoH. Ernest Nichol (Author)Spanish7
Voices of children in gladness greetH. E. Nichol (Author)English1
We are soldiers on the wayColin Sterne (Author)2
We sing of a story the Master toldH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English1
We've a story to tell to the nationsColin Sterne (Author)English192
What are you building, brotherH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English1
What is the noise of battleH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English2
When amber light is streamingH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
When sunset comes, all sweet and softH. Ernest Nichol (Author)3
When the call to arms rings loudColin Sterne (Author)2
When the long sweet day is closingH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
When the twilight's calm is bendingH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2
Where the flag is flying, where the fight is keenH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English2
Who are the soldiers of Jesus ChristH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English3
Why are you marching along to war?H. Ernest Nichol (Author)English2
With a right good will let us do our workColin Sterne (Author)English4
With our songs we greet Thee, Holy ChildH. Ernest Nichol (Author)English1
Within the hallowed stillness of this place, O living GodColin Sterne (Author)1
我們有一故事傅給萬邦 (Wǒmen yǒuyī gùshì chuán gěi wàn bāng)H. Ernest Nichol (Author)Chinese2
Would you like to be a heroH. Ernest Nichol (Author)2

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