Asahel Nettleton

Asahel Nettleton
Short Name: Asahel Nettleton
Full Name: Nettleton, Asahel, 1783-1844
Birth Year: 1783
Death Year: 1844

Nettleton, Asahel, D.D., a well-known Connecticut evangelist, was born at North Killingworth, Connecticut, April 21, 1783, and educated at Yale College, graduating in 1809. In 1811 he was licenced to preach, receiving ordination in 1817. He never settled as a pastor with any congregation, but preached in Western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York; in Virginia, 1827-28; and also in Great Britain in 1831. He died in 1843. His Memoirs, Sermons and Remains were published in 1844. Dr. Hatfield ascribes to him a hymn:—

"Come, Holy Ghost, my soul inspire—
This one great gift impart;"

apparently on no other ground than that it appeared anonymously (as did many others) in his Village Hymns, in 1824, and has been traced no further. Nettleton's hymnological work centred in the compiling of his Village Hymns, from which more hymns of the older American writers have passed into English collections than from any other source. He knew and could appreciate a good hymn, but it is doubtful if he ever did or ever could have written one. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Asahel Nettleton (April 21, 1783 – May 16, 1844) was an American theologian and Evangelist from Connecticut who was highly influential during the Second Great Awakening. The number of people converted to Christianity as a result of his ministry was estimated by one biographer at 30,000. He participated in the New Lebanon Conference in 1827, during which he and Lyman Beecher opposed the teachings of Charles Grandison Finney.

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