M. J. Munger

Short Name: M. J. Munger
Full Name: Munger, M. J.
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[A dear little army of children]M. J. Munger (Composer)355453 23151 21223
[Are you weary, sister, brother?]M. J. Munger (Composer)251334 33151 72123
[Blessed Sabbath, bright and fair]M. J. Munger (Composer)255317 64321 32555
[Bring the little lambs to Jesus]M. J. Munger (Composer)251316 71511 32443
[Day by day we need Thee, Jesus]M. J. Munger (Composer)254321 11616 51352
[Draw me closer to Thee, gracious Savior]M. J. Munger (Composer)234556 53121 23556
[Gather them in, the tender lambs]M. J. Munger (Composer)233332 15555 66653
[Give unto us, dear Savior]M. J. Munger (Composer)255553 45154 44432
[God, make my life a little light] (Munger)M. J. Munger (Composer)334555 56653 45432
[Have you heard of the land where the ransomed dwell?]M. J. Munger (Composer)434555 53451 34444
[He, the dear Savior, doth His word fulfil]M. J. Munger (Composer)235443 51176 71444
[Holy Spirit, ever blest]Dr. M. J. Munger (Composer)332156 71235 43232
[I am walking in the shadows]M. J. Munger (Composer)231556 43122 54323
[Jesus is tenderly calling] (Munger)Dr. M. J. Munger (Composer)355534 56551 64654
[Jesus, keep within Thy fold]M. J. Munger (Composer)253314 65345 33253
[Jesus, Master, look on me]M. J. Munger (Composer)234511 73217 65465
[Let us work for Jesus]M. J. Munger (Composer)235156 27646 53515
[Look away, from self to the blood stained cross]M. J. Munger (Composer)334531 35666 66532
[Lovingly, gently]M. J. Munger (Composer)255565 55556 66671
[O rest of the soul, sweet rest of the soul]M. J. Munger (Composer)255321 17665 66512
[O toiler in the vineyard] (Munger)M. J. Munger (Composer)234517 67155 66531
[Once again we gladly gather]M. J. Munger (Composer)234512 11765 53132
[One and all, come let us sing]Merritt Jerome Munger (Composer)335511 77567 12716
[Only believe in Jesus]Dr. M. J. Munger (Composer)2
[Out in the world may we go, dearest Lord] (Munger)M. J. Munger (Composer)255651 31161 55123
[Pilgrim bound Zionward]M. J. Munger (Composer)234432 11123 56654
[See the band of little children]M. J. Munger (Composer)233221 11651 23233
[Suffer little children to come unto Me] (Munger)M. J. Munger (Composer)233333 21217 65222
[Teach me, Father, how to love Thee]M. J. Munger (Composer)234534 65332 21433
[The dear little children are gathered today]M. J. Munger (Composer)253231 11716 65133
[The happy time has come at last]M. J. Munger (Composer)255112 33334 44433
[The kingdom of Jesus is threatened, we know] (Munger)M. J. Munger (Composer)255322 17766 46665
[The little birds now seek their nest] (Munger)M. J. Munger (Composer)211232 23432 2171
[The silver bells of eventide]M. J. Munger (Composer)254333 43222 23442
[These are the crowns that we shall wear] (Munger)Dr. M. J. Munger (Composer)334567 13544 32346
[Through the mists of shadows dreary]Merritt Jerome Munger (Composer)334465 31354 32431
[To the breeze we fling our banner]Dr. M. J. Munger (Composer)256514 36221 77655
[Up, friends of Jesus, the harvest now is white] (Munger)Merritt Jerome Munger (Arranger)853515 12765 34444
[Waiting and watching for dawning of day]M. J. Munger (Composer)331432 11765 61435
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