E. D. Mund

Short Name: E. D. Mund
Full Name: Mund, E. D. (See also Lorenz, Edmund S.)

Texts by E. D. Mund (94)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All along life's journey, we shall know no fearE. D. Mund (Author)English1
All ye His works that His might and power proclaimE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Amid the trials which I meetE. D. Mund (Author)English75
Angels are near us, their presence unheededE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Are you seeking for the truth?E. D. Mund (Author)English1
Bless the Lord above for His tender loveE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Budding hopes shall blossom forth ere longE. D. Mund (Author)English2
By the grace of God renewedE. D. Mund (Author)English1
當我遇見試煉災殃 (Dāng wǒ yùjiàn shì liàn zāiyāng)E. D. Mund (Author)Chinese2
Death rejoicing over his preyE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Do you see your neighbor's need?E. D. Mund (Author)English1
Do you slumber in your tent, Christian soldier?E. D. Mund (Author)English14
Do you wonder that I love Him?E. D. Mund (Author)English8
Down in the churchyard, robed in daisiesE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Dwell in my heart, dear SaviorE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Far, far over the sea, naions wail in agonyE. D. Mund (Author)English6
Fearing no danger, no angry foeE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Fill with lofty praiseE. D. Mund (Author)English1
For the life your pulses thrillingE. D. Mund (Author)English3
"Give!" says the earth, as her fruit she yieldsE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Glad we come with our songs of praiseE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Go ye out to meet Him, God is drawing nearE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Happy the day returning year by yearE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Having wandered far away from our loving Father's houseE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Hear the battle shout, grandly ringing outE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Hear the merry music ringingE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Hear the music ringing, ringing, ringingE. D. Mund (Author)English6
Hear the shout of triumph, hear the mighty songE. D. Mund (Author)English5
Hear the tramp of the millions of the earthE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Hear ye not the voice of Jesus, Pleading still with each and all?E. D. Mund (Author)English2
Help me, Savior, more each dayE. D. Mund (Author)English6
I am safe, whatever may betide meE. D. Mund (Author)English19
I have found a dear Savior, a Friend, and a GuideE. D. Mund (Author)English2
I love to be where sacred song arisingE. D. Mund (Author)English1
I will journey on with JesusE. D. Mund (Author)English1
In joyful high and holy laysE. D. Mund (Author)English1
In the legion so brave is your name enrolledE. D. Mund (Author)English6
In vain in high and holy laysE. D. Mund (Author)English39
Jesus, weeping over the wandererE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Jewels for the King of Glory sitting on the throneE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Lead me to Jesus, my soul is so wearyE. D. M. (Author)English10
Let the light of life now shineE. D. Mund (Author)English6
Let us sing the praise of Jesus, Joy of earth and heavens song!E. D. Mund (Author)English1
Let us walk in the way of the LordE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Like the sound of many waters, Over the roaring of the seaE. D. Mund (Author)English7
Many little children sing no songs of joy and gladnessE. D. Mund (Author)English2
'Neath the shade of its trees summer suns can not burnE. D. Mund (Author)English1
O Jesus, perfect SaviorE. D. Mund (Author)English3
O the peace of God, how it thrills my soulE. D. Mund (Author)English2
O weary wanderer, dark night comes onE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Over the turmoil of earth now is ringingE. D. M. (Author)English1
O how loving and how trueE. D. Mund (Author)English2
O the hour of prayer is bright and fairE. D. Mund (Author)English2
O what a lesson we all may learnE. D. M. (Author)English6
On that dread and awful day we must standE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Only a word for Jesus, spoken in fear with sense of needE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Open are the arms of JesusE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Riches of earth I may not seeE. D. Mund (Author)English8
Roses so red, roses so fairE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Safe from all the world's alarmsE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Saved by the blood now my heart can rejoiceE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Send us a Savior, hear the nations cryE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Sleeper, awake, the sun is highE. D. Mund (Author)English5
Smiling lips and laughing eyesE. D. M. (Author)English2
Some day the veil will be liftedE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Swiftly the years like the clouds pass us byE. D. Mund (Author)English2
The birds are all singing, the flower bells are ringingE. D. Mund (Author)English1
The Lord has long been waitingE. D. Mund (Author)English1
The winter reigns no moreE. D. Mund (Author)English1
There's a voice of tender loveE. D. Mund (Author)English1
This world is not all wildernessE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Though dangers surround meE. D. M. (Author)English1
Though hearts are often weary, And yield to wild despairE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Though our life be full of trial and temptationE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Thou knowest, Lord, I would love TheeE. D. Mund (Author)English2
'Tis a lamp unto my feetE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Under sweet compulsion of a loving heartE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Vergeblich ist's, durch Worte KlangE. D. M. (Author)German1
Voices of mirth awake to gladness todayE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Wake, arm of the SpiritE. D. Mund (Author)English4
Wake the voice of gladness, praise the Lord today!E. D. Mund (Author)English2
We are resting in peaceE. D. Mund (Author)English5
We are the lambs, how blessed is the promiseE. D. Mund (Author)English1
We have entered royal service, pledged our utmost powerE. D. Mund (Author)English3
We have heard thy call, blessed SaviorE. D. Mund (Author)English3
What a Savior meek and mildE. D. Mund (Author)English1
What friend have we all friends aboveE. D. Mund (Author)English2
When earth and sea take up the strainE. D. Mund (Author)English2
When I walked with my Lord in the sunshineE. D. Mund (Author)English8
When the awful judgment day is breakingE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Why do you linger, longer in the cold?E. D. Mund (Author)English1
Why should we praise Him, our blessed Master?E. D. Mund (Author)English1
Wundersel'ges RauschenE. D. Mund (Author)German1
Youth is the seed time, and life is the fieldE. D. Mund (Author)English1
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