Kenneth Morse

Short Name: Kenneth Morse
Full Name: Morse, Kenneth, 1913-
Birth Year: 1913
Death Year: 1999 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Kenneth Morse (17)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Bread of life, whose body, brokenKenneth I. Morse (Author)3
Brothers and sisters of mine are the hungryKenneth I. Morse (Author)5
Come, walk with me; we'll praise the Lord togetherKenneth I. Morse (Author)4
Dark are the ways where blindly we have runKenneth I. Morse (Author)2
Don't be scared, you shepherdsKenneth I. Morse (Author)2
From out of the east the astrologers cameKenneth I. Morse (Author)2
God of all living, we make our confessionKenneth I. Morse (Author)English3
God of the moving yearsKenneth Morse, 1913- (Author)3
If stars were like angelsKenneth I. Morse (Author)2
Je louerai l'EternelKenneth I. Morse (Translator (English))French13
Lord of loveliness, all beautyKenneth I. Morse (Author)2
Move in our midst, thou Spirit of GodKenneth I. Morse (Author)6
O Christ, we climb the hill with theeKenneth I. Morse (Author)3
O Giver of delightful fieldsKenneth I. Morse (Author)2
O God of mystery and mightKenneth I. Morse (Author)3
O Master, may my days be spent only for TheeKenneth I. Morse (Author)English4
Why is the night so stillKenneth I. Morse (Author)2
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