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Short Name: Reuben Morgan
Full Name: Morgan, Reuben, 1975-
Birth Year: 1975

Reuben Morgan is the Worship Pastor at Hillsong Church in London. Before this he was Worship Pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, replacing Darlene Zchech in 2008. In the late 1990s, Morgan helped lead and develop the worship team for Hillsong’s Youth Group, Powerhouse. This band eventually grew into Hillsong United. Some of Morgan’s better known songs include “Hear our Praises,” “My Redeemer Lives,” and “Lord I Give You My Heart.” He released his first solo worship album, World Through Your Eyes, in 2005. He and his wife Sarah have three children.

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[All Your ways are good]Reuben Morgan (Composer)5
[Christ is my reward]Reuben Morgan (Composer)5
[God is able, He will never fail]Reuben Morgan (Composer)3
HEAR OUR PRAISES (Morgan)Reuben Morgan (Composer)555544 32355 54432
I GIVE YOU MY HEARTReuben Morgan (Composer)511123 21143 21112
MIGHTY TO SAVE (Fielding and Morgan)Reuben Morgan (Composer)1151112 11551 12116
[My hope is built on nothing less] (Bradbury, Liljero, Morgan, and Myrin)ReubenMorgan (Composer)8
MY REDEEMER LIVESReuben Morgan (Composer)2
[Salvation] (Crocker, Houston, et al.)Reuben Morgan (Composer)2
STILLReuben Morgan (Composer)335116 22351 14321
[There is Love]Reuben Morgan (Composer)3
WHAT THE LORD HAS DONEReuben Morgan (Composer)611233 21113 56665
[Who am I that the highest King]Reuben Morgan (Composer)6
[You are good You are good]Reuben Morgan (Composer)6
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