Andrew Moore

Short Name: Andrew Moore
Full Name: Moore, Andrew does not have biographical information about this person.

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NEW COMMANDMENT (53221)Andrew Moore (Arranger (Piano))153221 14432 34553
AD LIMINAAndrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)251231 43212 52342
[All in an Easter garden]Andrew Moore (Composer)153511 11176 75153
[All over the world the Spirit is moving]Andrew Moore (Arranger)156565 35565 46767
ALL THAT I AMAndrew Moore (Arranger (Organ))115122 52353 16546
[All the earth, sing out to the Lord]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)251212 32125 12123
ALLELUIA (Sinclair)Andrew Moore (Arranger)155111 76661 77676
[And everyone beneath the vine and fig tree]Andrew Moore (Arranger)151232 21233 51232
[As we are gathered, Jesus is here]Andrew Moore (Arranger)155561 71255 55617
[Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me] (Moore)Andrew Moore (Composer)267112 53
[Be the center of my life, Lord Jesus]Andrew Moore (Arranger)133554 56543 34554
[Bells are going to ring in praise of Jesus]Andrew Moore (Arranger)256156 15613 3325
[Blessed be the Lord, my rock] (Setchell)Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))211114 2
[Blest are you, Lord of creation]Andrew Moore (Arranger)211123 23112 22343
BY HIS GRACEAndrew Moore (Arranger)134516 53345 11233
[Caterpillar, caterpillar, munching, munching]Andrew Moore (Arranger)211117 77755 44555
CHRISTE, DER DU BIST TAG UND LICHTAndrew Moore (Arranger)113171 23213 33371
LIGHT UP THE FIREAndrew Moore (Arranger)112344 43233 32122
[Come into his presence singing] (Anonymous)Andrew Moore (Arranger)155555 55517 65654
CONDITOR ALME SIDERUMAndrew Moore (Arranger (alternative setting))131355 64556 45432
[Don't build your house on the sandy land]Andrew Moore (Arranger)135355 63211 35355
DUN ALUINNAndrew Moore (Arranger)151123 12217 15553
[Every bird, every tree]Andrew Moore (Arranger)234512 35562 34665
[Everywere I am]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)232335 31111 23116
[Farmer, farmer, why do you plough?]Andrew Moore (Arranger)213132 17135 53555
GLORIFY THY NAME (Adkins)Andrew Moore (Arranger)133344 32212 33555
[For the Lord is righteous]Andrew Moore (Composer (Response))255123 15
[Forward in faith]Andrew Moore (Arranger)213154 54233 32767
[Gifts of bread and wine]Andrew Moore (Arranger)234322 45431 34322
[Give me peace, O Lord, I pray]Andrew Moore (Arranger)111133 22777 22111
[Glorious things are spoken of you]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))117675 1
[In a cavern, by a canyon]Andrew Moore (Composer)111153 33113 55432
FREELY, FREELYAndrew Moore (Composer)112321 14322 34322
[He came to open the eyes of the blind]Andrew Moore (Arranger)232354 51713 22343
HE IS THE KINGAndrew Moore (Arranger)156713 15671 3325
[Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer]Andrew Moore (Composer)312334 75671
[Hear my prayer, O Lord, and give ear to my cry]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))111176
[Help us, O God]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))132126 11532 1
[He's in the sound of the thunder]Andrew Moore (Arranger)255456 55433 23433
[I cry out to you, O Lord]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))253321 32
[I give my hands to do your work]Andrew Moore (Arranger)134453 45645 67427
[I sing God's praises all my days]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)213255 64217 123
[I trust in the goodness of God for ever]Andrew Moore (Composer (Response))257121 1
[I will bless you and praise you for ever]Andrew Moore (Composer (Response))251321 6
[I will call upon the Lord, and he will deliver me]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))112345 43
[I will remember the works of the Lord]Andrew Moore (Composer (Response))254355 4345
[If we only seek peace]Andrew Moore (Arranger)133321 33334 55444
[In bread we bring you, Lord]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Arranger)251233 31432 11176
[In Judah God is known, his name is great in Israel]Andrew Moore (Composer)212165 6
[In my trouble I called to the Lord]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))255332 4
[In the upper room, Jesus and his friends]Andrew Moore (Arranger)234176 56543 33463
[In you, my God, may my soul find its peace]Andrew Moore (Arranger)217117 12342 1711
[In your strength the king rejoices, O Lord]Andrew Moore (Composer)312456 57
PEACE LIKE A RIVER (56111)Andrew Moore (Arranger)156111 33321 11655
JACOB'S LADDER (English)Andrew Moore (Arranger)151111 32122 22432
JERUSALEM (Parry)Andrew Moore (Arranger (Piano))113561 65456 54532
[Jesus is greater than the greatest heroes]Andrew Moore (Arranger)111561 23427 51156
ALLELUIA NO. 1 (Fishel)Andrew Moore (Arranger)155112 31123 44321
[Jesus, Jesus, when we are with you]Andrew Moore (Arranger)156713 53245 6713
[Judge all the nations and vindicate me, LORD]Andrew Moore (Composer (refrain))253212 36
KUM BA YAHAndrew Moore (Arranger)113555 66513 55543
LEAVING LISMOREAndrew Moore (Arranger)112355 65351 23556
[Let the heavens praise the Lord]Andrew Moore (Arranger)155553 16664 43755
[Let the mountains dance and sing]Andrew Moore (Arranger)153156 45531 56125
[Let us sing a new song to the Lord]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)213217 16534 5321
KRISTINAndrew Moore (Adapter)134552 12337 67115
[Little donkey, little donkey, on the dusty road]Andrew Moore (Arranger)133534 46433 53233
[Lord God, have you rejected us]Andrew Moore (Composer)213356 53111 12334
[A Simple Mass] (Moore)Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)246545 12342 11
[Lord, when I turn my back on you]Andrew Moore (Arranger)251135 56432 25433
[Love is the only law]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)232123 15561 24
[Make known the deeds of the Lord among the peoples]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))155543 21
[May the Lord bless you, the Lord bless you out of Zion]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))117655
MICHAEL (Traditional)Andrew Moore (Arranger)113535 65356 53553
NEIGHBOUR (Carter)Andrew Moore (Arranger)155112 32135 57532
[O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good] (Moore)Andrew Moore (Composer (Response))251316 5
[O Lord, all the world belongs to you]Andrew Moore (Arranger)151721 51766 221
[O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger] (Moore)Andrew Moore (Composer)253212 36567 55571
[O Lord, how many are my foes] (Moore)Andrew Moore (Composer)256712 34324 517
O LUX BEATA TRINITASAndrew Moore (Arranger)156543 42345 66555
[Oh, that today you would listen to God's voice]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)2
[My God is so great, so strong and so mighty] (51113)Andrew Moore (Arranger)251113 51113 21222
[Our help is in the name of the Lord] (Lloyd)Andrew Moore (Composer (psalm tone))115345 6545
PANGE LINGUA (33325)Andrew Moore (Arranger)233325 56111 12111
[Peace is flowing like a river]Andrew Moore (Arranger)132151 23121 75123
[People who see me are scornful]Andrew Moore (Composer)2
PERSONENT HODIEAndrew Moore (Arranger (version 2))111544 55516 75457
LOBET UND PREISETAndrew Moore (Arranger)155554 34321 33332
[Praise the Lord for he is good] (Bonighton)Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))131511
[Praise the LORD! O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good]Andrew Moore (Composer)234532 11421 771
[Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary] (Moore)Andrew Moore (Composer)215111 23
[Protect me, O God, for in you I take refuge] Andrew Moore (Composer)212317 12341
[Shout with gladness to God all the earth]Andrew Moore, b. 1954 (Composer)213453 46545 55114
[Take me, Lord, use my life in the way you wish to do]Andrew Moore (Arranger)135535 21714 4653
[Taste, O taste and see that the LORD is good]Andrew Moore (Composer (tone))154325 12343
TE LUCIS ANTE TERMINUM (61111)Andrew Moore (Arranger)161111 21766 66776
[The blessing of the Lord be upon you]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))151232 1
[The Lord has chosen Zion]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))111165 12
[The Lord is my strength] (Lloyd)Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[The Lord is the refuge of the poor]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))155457 7645
[The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))153213 554
[The Lord our God is holy]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))111112 5
[The peoples shall praise you for ever]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))111112 34
[There are hundreds of sparrows, thousands, millions]Andrew Moore (Arranger)155111 11665 44311
BIND US TOGETHERAndrew Moore (Arranger)133332 13333 21222
[Those who know your name will put their trust in you, O Lord]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))111112 2223
[Truly God is good to the upright]Andrew Moore (Composer)212345 53431
UBI CARITAS (Murray)Andrew Moore (Arranger)155165 33231 32213
VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS (Plainsong)Andrew Moore (Arranger)256545 65122 11561
[We give thanks to you, O God]Andrew Moore (Composer (Psalm tone))111314
[We will tell the glorious deeds of the Lord]Andrew Moore (Composer (Response))251321 76
[What if the wind is howling round my house]Andrew Moore (Arranger)231365 32366 77127
[When the Spirit of the Lord is within my heart]Andrew Moore (Arranger)155111 23213 21132
[When you walk through the waters I'll be with you]Andrew Moore (Arranger)134512 22343 51111
SAMOSAndrew Moore (Arranger)134555 65214 46534
[Yesterday, today, forever] (Burke)Andrew Moore (Arranger)133321 11216 511
[Zacchaeus was a wee little man] (Traditional)Andrew Moore (Adapter)151175 11175 11122
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