May Whittle Moody

Short Name: May Whittle Moody
Full Name: Moody, May Whittle, 1870-1963
Birth Year: 1870
Death Year: 1963

Mary (May) Jennette Whittle Moody 1870-1963. Born at Chicago, IL, daughter of hymnwriter, Daniel Webster Whittle (El Nathan), and, upon marrying, daughter-in-law to Dwight Lyman Moody, she attended Northfield School in MA (one of two schools founded there by D L Moody), after which she attended Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH. She then attended the Royal Academy of Music in London, England (1890-91). She became a singer, organist, composer, and hymn editor. She assisted her father and Dwight L Moody in their evangelistic work. In 1894 she married William Revell Moody, and they had four children: Irene, Dwight, Beatrice, and Virginia. Only Beatrice lived to adulthood, the others died before age six. She and her husband returned to Northfield, MA, where her husband headed the schools founded by his father. She had an organ in her home, and she collaborated with her father by composing some of the tunes for his hymn lyrics. The last year of his life, her father, Daniel, lived with them (he died in 1901). She died at East Northfield, MA.

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Tunes by May Whittle Moody (26)sort ascendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Dying with Jesus, by death reckoned mine] (Moody)May Whittle Moody (Composer)12551233 34123 32123
[Where is Jesus, little children?]May Whittle Moody (Composer)233543 33223 46544
[Today, O blessed word of hope]May Whittle Moody (Composer)555544 31332 23412
[Thou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crown] (Moody)May Whittle Moody (Composer)4
[They tell me the story of Jesus is old]May Whittle Moody (Composer)1533321 67151 23123
[There is many a weary footsore lamb]May Whittle Moody (Composer)3
[The whole world was lost in the darkness of sin] (Moody)May Whittle Moody (Composer)2
[The darkness is passed and the true light is shining]May Whittle Moody (Composer)255671 23432 23332
[O wandering one, why longer roam]May Whittle Moody (Composer)3
[No one like Jesus can make my heart clean]May Whittle Moody (Composer)434563 55253 34563
["No more the curse!" O Christ, we praise Thee]May Whittle Moody (Composer)1112344 32313 52123
[Much of my life, Lord, seems to me]May Whittle Moody (Composer)332355 66334 45676
[Jesus, keep me all this day]May Whittle Moody (Composer)2
[Life once was a mystery awful to me]May Whittle Moody (Composer)455456 71534 55657
[I've found the life of truest joy]May Whittle Moody (Composer)555671 23721 76565
[Is it nothing to you that heaven's King]May Whittle Moody (Composer)1755665 32343 12346
[I have nothing to do with tomorrow]May Whittle Moody (Composer)634323 53221 12123
[I bring my sins to Thee] (Moody)May Whittle Moody (Composer)256763 51235 55671
[I asked the New Year for some motto sweet]May Whittle Moody (Composer)555565 71255 56543
[No room, alas, for a Savior here]May Whittle Moody (Composer)2
[Brothers, by the Spirit banded]May Whittle Moody (Composer)253567 12655 71223
[Breathe on me breath of God] (Moody)Miss Mary Whitte (Composer)551122 33432 122
[Be still, my heart, thy Savior knows full well]Miss Mary Whittle (Composer)432355 43232 13255
[At the close of every day]May Whittle Moody (Composer)4
[A lamp in the night, a song in time of sorrow]May Whittle Moody (Composer)1555671 17133 32342
[A homeless stranger amongst us came]May Whittle Moody (Composer)633317 13311 23552

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