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Short Name: Harrison Millard
Full Name: Millard, H. (Harrison), 1830-1895
Birth Year: 1830
Death Year: 1895

Wikipedia Biography

Harrison Millard (November 27, 1830– September 10 1895) was an American composer who wrote the music to the Christian hymn "Abide with Me, 'Tis Eventide"—the words of which are by Presbyterian evangelist Martin Lowrie Hofford (1825–1888).

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[A gentle word is never lost]Harrison Millard (Composer)153215 76665 13121
WELCOME GUESTHarrison Millard (Composer)1633353 32224 44433
[Again we meet together]Harrison Millard (Composer)151113 21355 56514
["Almost" I hear thee say] (Millard)H. M. (Composer)254332 12224 43543
[Angry words, O never let them]Harrison Millard (Composer)152365 24344 36523
[Another year, another year]Harrison Millard (Composer)151355 13556 54321
[As the hart panteth after the brooks]H. M. (Composer)213563 51325 21513
[Bear His banner onward]Harrison Millard (Composer)112345 56546 54324
[Beautiful Angels of light and love]Harrison Millard (Composer)156712 33251 21721
[Beautiful home above]H. M. (Composer)233321 55671 65333
[Beautiful mansions of the blest]Harrison Millard (Composer)156553 36556 55353
[Blessed are the peacemakers] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)2
[Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord] (Millard)H. Millard (Composer)453161 51123 5231
[Blest are the merciful]Harrison Millard (Composer)132134 32231 64232
[Can you reject the Savior dear]H. M. (Composer)211155 61555 56551
[Christ is born! Christ is born! shout the tidings far and wide]Harrison Millard (Composer)117117 17121 76517
[Christ is risen, Christ is risen] (Millard)H. Millard (Composer)254535 45317 15171
[Cling fast unto the rock]H. M. (Composer)253141 33221 25531
[Cling to the rock, brother, cling while you may]H. Millard (Composer)255653 12123 45653
[Come and join our merry band]Harrison Millard (Composer)156543 15432 34655
[Dark hung the night, and dreary]Harrison Millard (Composer)113333 22222 32115
[Dawn may bring us care and pain]Harrison Millard (Composer)155113 31121 71555
[Day by day our loved ones cross]Harrison Millard (Composer)153517 66666 21175
[Do you hear sweet voices singing?]Harrison Millard (Composer)151767 15312 34321
[Don't be discouraged, my brother]Harrison Millard (Composer)156712 33244 32123
[Faith in God's kindness]Harrison Millard (Composer)155465 11232 32217
[Faith in Jesus! O the precious treasure]H. M. (Composer)234555 45654 53123
[Father, 'tis the eventide]Harrison Millard (Composer)133551 77651 53254
[Fight the good fight bravely]H. Millard (Composer)255645 35652 55564
[Fly to the Ark! sinner forsaken]H. M. (Composer)251232 13532 32523
[Gathering the sheaves in the rising sun]Harrison Millard (Composer)133454 32316 66543
[Gird the Christian's armor on]H. M. (Composer)211556 65321 12231
[Give, 'tis the word of Jesus]H. Millard (Composer)455455 15313 55355
[Give us this day our daily bread] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)155567 55671 11117
[Go when the morning shineth] (Millard)H. M. (Composer)253513 21551 43253
[God bless our pastor! may he be] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)113344 55543 43231
[God is love! that anthem olden] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)212317 12234 53221
[Hallelujah! hallelujah! Sing, O sing a song of joy today]H. M. (Composer)256533 43122 22123
[Hallowed be Thy name! we come]Harrison Millard (Composer)116751 67143 25516
[Happy, happy carols]Harrison Millard (Composer)156535 33431 32345
[Hark! the blessed Angels]Harrison Millard (Composer)115351 13333 42232
[Has a foolish word been spoken]H. M. (Composer)233333 34466 63532
[Here in love we meet]H. Millard (Composer)217123 12171 23121
[His love aboundeth still for thee]H. M. (Composer)251117 65651 22351
[Ho! toilers in God's vineyard]H. M. (Composer)251122 33451 32151
[Holy Spirit, hear us] (Millard)H. Millard (Composer)233433 21672 17653
[Hopeful hearts are never weary]Harrison Millard (Composer)153321 76755 13165
[How many souls grow weary]Harrison Millard (Composer)151765 53123 23151
[How sweet to gather side by side]Harrison Millard (Composer)134555 15351 71217
[I am bound for the kingdom]H. M. (Composer)212333 35432 22323
[I am waiting till my Lord shall come]H. M. (Composer)312333 21215 51355
[I became a Christian]Harrison Millard (Composer)2
[I come to thee believing]H. M. (Composer)351176 53444 46555
[I will arise and go to Him]H. Millard (Composer)255565 53312 21233
[I'd be a standard bearer]Harrison Millard (Composer)113653 14331 12136
[I'd love to see my Savior]Harrison Millard (Composer)155131 65122 32155
[If Christ's precepts I've slighted]H. Millard (Composer)255113 53166 65551
[In the furrows of thy life] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)153456 61555 55556
[In the lowly manger lying]Harrison Millard, 1829-1895 (Composer)335653 56517 17656
[In the ship of faith, we are sailing on]H. M. (Composer)212335 43231 17132
[It may be tomorrow, it may be today]Harrison Millard (Composer)133236 51212 33323
[Jesus, my light, O all seemed night]H. M. (Composer)251231 43225 37132
[Just on the threshold, O why not come in] (Millard)H. M. (Composer)255565 51615 22221
[Keep step on our march to the Savior]Harrison Millard (Composer)153332 22156 66122
[Keep your lamps burning]Harrison Millard (Composer)135565 55443 25675
[Lead us, O Savior, lead]H. Millard (Composer)232353 11223 32353
[Lest we faint beside the way]Harrison Millard (Composer)133333 55223 21333
[Like as a child unto its father]H. M. (Composer)255567 77155 55654
[List our merry carol] (Bowen)Harrison Millard (Composer)234515 32346 53451
[Little Christian heroes]Harrison Millard (Composer)153215 32161 15321
[Little sowers on life's way]Harrison Millard (Composer)131342 31535 64536
[Lo! He's knocking at every heart]H. Millard (Composer)433323 54322 32133
[Look up! behold, the fields are white] (Millard)H. M. (Composer)251154 34556 21715
[More like Jesus every day] (Millard)H. M. (Composer)235321 35146 43533
[My heart was filled with fears]Harrison Millard (Composer)157515 55152 53155
[Nearer the close of day]H. M. (Composer)254332 12443 65543
[Nobly our Flag flutters over us today] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)513451 11724 7234
[Now! is the precious hour]H. M. (Composer)215553 55276 55133
[O, blessed, blessed morn!]Harrison Millard (Composer)113322 15554 43166
[O child of many prayers]H. M. (Composer)255516 52222 53555
[O lovely Star that shone so bright] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)156517 21312 12571
[O night so dark, so dreary]Harrison Millard (Composer)153212 16651 17132
[O safely through the gloom of night]Harrison Millard (Composer)151351 41312 21235
[O the beautiful Hereafter]Harrison Millard (Composer)156543 45334 43125
[O the joyful bells are ringing]Harrison Millard (Composer)134531 23121 71243
[O the joys so bright and loving]Harrison Millard (Composer)134517 66554 34323
[O weary eyes that weep]Harrison Millard (Composer)155331 15422 75553
[O come to Him, ye hearts opprest]H. M. (Composer)251532 12344 65325
[O will my soul be ready]H. M. (Composer)253343 21122 12353
[One by one, we're passing over]H. Millard (Composer)253565 35223 44523
[One gentle thought comes over me]Harrison Millard (Composer)115566 53144 32315
[Only a little while longer to wait]Harrison Millard (Composer)133455 31432 11114
[Only a look at the crucified one]H. M. (Composer)233333 31553 55653
[Only Christ can save your soul] (Millard)H. Millard (Composer)334516 15345 32623
[Only through Christ our pardon is sealed]H. M. (Composer)233334 33215 53653
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)133334 33221 13321
[Over the ocean sailing]Harrison Millard (Composer)153453 45315 43215
[Over the stream to the beautiful land]Harrison Millard (Composer)132354 32123 12354
[Promise sweet of Jesus]H. M. (Composer)231655 12244 33165
[Raise the banner of the Cross]Harrison Millard (Composer)115151 55135 55723
[Sabbath bells, so sweetly calling]Harrison Millard (Composer)253423 12512 34555
[Safe from ocean, safe from ocean]H. Millard (Composer)253216 71235 65532
[Safe in Thy arms, O Savior dear and blest]H. Millard (Composer)456511 21243 43253
[Savior, ever meek and mild]Harrison Millard (Composer)132323 65212 12655
WARUM SIND DER THRÄNENH. M. (Arranger)111776 55171 23344
[Blessed are they that for His sake]Harrison Millard (Composer)254521 36521 23465
[See, 'tis the Lifeboat]H. Millard (Composer)256712 35555 67123
[Send the Bible to the heathen]Harrison Millard (Composer)134551 77656 52345
[Serving Him in gladness]H. M. (Composer)232351 32434 62655
[Shadows fall around us now]Harrison Millard (Composer)133224 43554 33213
[Shall we ever grow old up there?]Harrison Millard (Composer)134543 32111 23221
[Sing of the Home of the good and the blest]H. Millard (Composer)253451 17671 53451
[Sing the dear old story]H. Millard (Composer)233432 12212 35565
[Sinner, heed the call]Harrison Millard (Composer)133251 22123 52443
[Something for Jesus, something each day]Harrison Millard (Composer)134332 17653 43322
STABAT MATER (Millard)H. Millard (Composer)212334 33213 45654
[Tarry with me, O my Savior] (Millard)H. M. (Composer)251333 13556 52221
[Tell it to Jesus, thy sorrow, thy pain]H. M. (Composer)233331 11665 44443
[That's a kind word to say]Harrison Millard (Composer)134566 51234 43332
[The angels rolled the stone away]Harrison Millard (Composer)151232 17265 12315
[The battle rages high]Harrison Millard (Composer)133313 55553 51121
[The daughter slept, so calmly slept]Harrison Millard (Composer)155236 54333 33176
[The glaring sun of midday]Harrison Millard (Composer)133333 33366 16731
[The golden rule, the golden rule]Harrison Millard (Composer)155331 26661 73215
[The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know] (Millard)H. M. (Composer)255111 75444 35511
[The night was dark over Galilee]Harrison Millard (Composer)153215 61555 32315
[The poor ye have always]Harrison Millard (Composer)133334 44222 33365
[The sighing and the longing]H. Millard (Composer)213321 55112 32113
[There are some who vanish early]Harrison Millard (Composer)134556 45312 34322
[There are sunbeams to scatter]Harrison Millard (Composer)155567 17665 43332
[There is a land of sunny skies]H. M. (Composer)234565 13453 43453
[There's a heaven for you, and a Savior so true]Harrison Millard (Composer)212333 31233 33212
[There's a path that upward leadeth]Harrison Millard (Composer)154651 17131 17121
[There's a rest from pain and sorrow]H. Millard (Composer)211371 66511 21231
[There's a ship whose captain never fails]H. M. (Composer)212334 33211 35565
[They were wanderers from the fold]H. Millard (Composer)234567 17712 13213
[Though your sins are manifold]H. M. (Composer)355117 65313 21715
[Though full of sin and sorrow]Harrison Millard (Composer)113123 43166 44333
[Thy Kingdom come! O Lord, we pray]Harrison Millard (Composer)133333 32225 55235
['Tis sweet to think of heaven my home]H. M. (Composer)255353 65322 36554
[To Thee, O God in heaven]H. Millard (Composer)233333 55153 17117
[True knights of the cross are we]Harrison Millard (Composer)151113 35565 31321
[Turn not from thy fallen brother]Harrison Millard (Composer)155773 22177 21765
[Undying love! O sweet the thought]H. Millard (Composer)433335 54443 32255
[Vain the guard appointed]Harrison Millard (Composer)155345 56671 55534
[Christmas bells are gaily ringing] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)217654 35423 1671
[Waiting for the call]Harrison Millard (Composer)133213 44123 12212
[Wanderers, come to the fold]Harrison Millard (Composer)154321 23222 21235
[We are marching to the river]H. Millard (Composer)553217 65123 32125
[We are nearing home, that home so bright]H. M. (Composer)212334 32122 21355
[We shall clasp to our bosoms the lovwd and the blest]Harrison Millard (Composer)155565 53123 21114
[We shall meet in the bye and bye]H. Millard (Composer)255545 11122 23315
[Weary wanderers from the fold]H. M. (Composer)212334 32321 12171
[What can I do for Thee] (Millard)Harrison Millard (Composer)133321 56665 35333
[What of the night? Watchman, O, say]Harrison Millard (Composer)155513 33611 17216
[What though trials and sorrows my pathway has known]H. M. (Composer)212333 32153 33116
[What were the blessed words He said]Harrison Millard (Composer)153243 32156 15121
[Whatever thou hast to do]Harrison Millard (Composer)133332 14234 64333
[When from our home we miss the star]Harrison Millard (Composer)151122 33555 44543
[When I dream about the loved ones]Harrison Millard (Composer)154351 17653 51312
[When life to us seems dreary]H. Millard (Composer)253321 55552 44353
ELLACOMBEH. M. (Arranger)151765 13455 67122
[When the storm of earth is ended]H. Millard (Composer)212315 43223 44523
[When thou'rt weary, so weary of sin and of strife]H. M. (Composer)212333 11122 31117
[When you hear the cry of woe]Harrison Millard (Composer)131517 12516 21713
[Where shall joy be found]Harrison Millard (Composer)131221 55617 65312
[While sunset glows over hill and vale]Harrison Millard (Composer)153243 32217 65243
WHILE THE DAYS ARE GOING BY (Mllard)Harrison Millard (Composer)134565 43512 34312
[While the sun is warm and bright]Harrison Millard (Composer)155555 66771 55555
[Who is thy brother? the outcast and poor]H. M. (Composer)254336 55435 22225
[Who waits at early morning?]Harrison Millard (Composer)153217 76122 32153
[Who will be the first to meet us]Harrison Millard (Composer)134543 45653 12321
[Why do you tarry, pilgrim?]H. Millard (Composer)213517 65144 52313
[Why do your hearts repine?]Harrison Millard (Composer)133134 33221 23331
[Work in God's vineyard! the workers are few]Harrison Millard (Composer)153451 15345 42342
[Yonder's the land where the loved ones are]H. Millard (Composer)413451 17656 53123

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