William Mercer

Short Name: William Mercer
Full Name: Mercer, William, 1811-1873
Birth Year: 1811
Death Year: 1873

Mercer, William, M.A., born at Barnard Castle, Durham, 1811, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A., 1835). In 1840 he was appointed Incumbent of St. George's, Sheffield. He died at Leavy Greave, Sheffield, Aug. 21, 1873. His principal work was:—-

The Church Psalter and Hymn Book, comprising The Psalter, or Psalms of David, together with the Canticles, Pointed for Chanting; Four Hundred Metrical Hymns and Six Responses to the Commandments; the whole united to appropriate Chants and Tunes, for the use of Congregations and Families, by the Rev. William Mercer, M.A. . .. Assisted by John Goss, Esq…., 1854; enlarged 1856; issued without music, 1857; quarto edition 1860; rearranged edition (Oxford edition) 1864; Appendix 1872.

For many years this collection was at the head of all the hymn-books in the Church of England, both in circulation and influence. Its large admixture of Wesleyan hymns, and of translations from the German gave it a distinct character of its own, and its grave and solemn music was at one time exceedingly popular. To it Mercer contributed several translations and paraphrases from the Latin and German, the latter mainly from the Moravian hymn-books; but his hymn-writing was far less successful than his editing, and has done nothing to increase his reputation.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by William Mercer (12)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
God Himself is with us, Let us now adore HimRev. W. Mercer (Alterer)English18
O God that madest the earth and skyThe Rev. William Mercer (1811-1873) (Auhtor (vv. 2, 4))English1
God that madest earth and heaven, Darkness and light!William Mercer, 1811-1871 (Author (vs. 2, 4))English52
God, your glorious presenceWilliam Mercer (1811-1873) (Translator)2
How bright appears the Morning-Star, With mercy beaming from afarWilliam Mercer (Adapter)English26
How brightly shines the Morning Star! The nations see and hail afarWilliam Mercer (Translator)English3
How splendid shines the morning starWilliam Mercer (1811-1873) (Translator (vv. 2-3))English1
O Christ, the leader of that war worn hostWilliam Mercer (Author)English1
O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphantWilliam Mercer (Author (v. 2))English15
O come, all ye faithful, Joyfully triumphantMercer (Translator)English9
Once more the solemn season callsWilliam Mercer (Translator (from Latin))English3
So rest, my Rest Thou Ever blestWilliam Mercer (Translator)English3
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