B. B. McKinney

B. B. McKinney
Short Name: B. B. McKinney
Full Name: McKinney, B. B., 1886-1952
Birth Year: 1886
Death Year: 1952

Martha Annis (his mother’s maiden name was Martha Annis Heflin)
Otto Nellen
Gene Routh (his wife’s maiden name was Leila Irene Routh)
Son of James Calvin McKinney and Martha Annis Heflin McKinney, B . B. attended Mount Lebanon Academy, Louisiana; Louisiana College, Pineville, Louisiana; the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas; the Siegel-Myers Correspondence School of Music, Chicago, Illinois (BM.1922); and the Bush Conservatory of Music, Chicago. Oklahoma Baptist University awarded him an honorary MusD degree in 1942.

McKinney served as music editor at the Robert H. Coleman company in Dallas, Texas (1918–35). In 1919, after several months in the army, McKinney returned to Fort Worth, where Isham E. Reynolds asked him to join the faculty of the School of Sacred Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He taught at the seminary until 1932, then pastored in at the Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth (1931–35). In 1935, McKinney became music editor for the Baptist Sunday School Board in Nashville, Tennessee.

McKinney wrote words and music for about 150 songs, and music for 115 more.
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Baylus Benjamin McKinney or B. B. McKinney (July 22, 1886 – September 7, 1952), was an American singer, song writer, teacher, and music editor.

Texts by B. B. McKinney (199)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A full surrender I have madeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English1
A moral man came to the Savior of menBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
All hail to the King of gloryBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
All on the altar, dear Jesus, Master, I hear Thy callB. B. McK. (Author)English6
Alone with Christ at his dear feetBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Amid the trials which I meetBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English1
Are you weary today as you travel your wayBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Rise up, O men of God!Baylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English6
أرسل انتعاشا في قلبيB. B. McKinney (Author)Arabic1
As He heard His waiting peopleBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English8
As we gather in Thy presenceBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English6
At eventide when Christ my Lord shall call meBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Back to the Bible, the true living wordBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English8
Bajo estrellas de luz caminó mi JesúsB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish2
Beautiful Redeemer, lift me up to TheeB. B. McK. (Author)English4
Blessed Savior, we adore Thee, We Thy love and grace proclaimB.B. McKinney (Author)English32
Bright is the light of the old rugged crossBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
Christ has for sin atonement madeB. B. McK. (Arranger)English1
Christ Jesus left heaven my soul to saveBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
Christ the Savior came from heaven's gloryBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English42
Come, linger here with the MasterB. B. McKinney (Author)English4
Coming now to thee, O Christ my LordBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English12
Cristo satisfaz minha alma, pois em meu lugar sofreuBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)Portuguese2
Danos un bello hogar: Donde la Biblia nos guíe fielB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish7
Danos un bello hogarB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish2
Dark and thorny is the desert Through which pilgrims make their wayB. B. McKinney (Arranger)English1
Dios, danos un hogarB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish2
Do not let your heart be troubled, Neither let it be afraidBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English5
Do you weary grow on your toilsome road?B. B. McK. (Author)English4
Don't go away unsaved, Don't go away unsavedB. B. McK. (Author)English2
Draw near, draw near, the Master is hereBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
En senda alejada yo le conocíB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish3
En tu santo temploB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish3
Everything's alright in my Father's houseB. B. McKinney (Adapter)English2
Free from the law, since Christ is mineBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
في سيرك في ذي الحياةB. B. McKinney (Author)Arabic1
Get right with God, and do it now (McKinney)B. B. McKinney (Author)English2
Give me a heart like Thine, dear LordBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English3
God give us Christian homesB. B. McKinney, 1886-1952 (Author)English, Korean16
Habla, Jesús, a mi almaB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish3
Hark, the bugle call is sounding, From the King and Captain highBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Have faith in God when your pathway is lonelyB. B. McKinney (Author)English28
Have you failed in your plan of your storm-tossed life?Baylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English43
Have you lost the joys of happy days gone byBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Have you prayed today in the secret placeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English6
He carried my sins far awayB. B. McK. (Author)English2
He is coming, HallelujahBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English3
He is risen, He is risen, Sing aloud the glad refrainBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
He sends the rainbow, a lovely rainbow (Chorus)B. B. McK. (Author)English3
Hear the trumpet call ringing outBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Help me, my Lord, to grow more like to TheeB. B. McK. (Arranger)English1
He's able to keep you from falling, Christ Jesus who conquered the graveBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
Holy Spirit, breathe on meB. B. McKinney (Adapter)English13
Holy Spirit, like the dewBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
How wonderful that Christ my LordBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)4
I am bought not with riches, Neither silver nor goldB. B. McK. (Author)English3
I am satisfied with Jesus, He has done so much for meB. B. McK. (Author)English32
I am so happy his love to knowBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
I am the best Christian that somebody knowsBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
I am walking with my Savior, And I feel His tender careBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English3
I drifted away from the love of GodB. B. McK. (Author)English4
I had a loving brotherBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English10
I heard my Savior sweetly say, there's pardonBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Come unto Me and rest"Baylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English1
I know the Bible was sent from GodB. B. McK. (Author)English12
I met Him one day on a lonely roadB. B. McK. (Author)English11
I surrender, blessed SaviorB. B. McK. (Author)English2
I was drifting far from the beacon starBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English10
I was sinking down in sin, Helpless as could beB. B. McKinney (Author)English2
I was sinking down in the waves of sinBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
I would be like Thee, Beautiful SaviorBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
I would be true, dear Lord, to TheeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
If I can plant a rose where thorns have beenBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English5
If you are burdened with grief and woeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English5
I'll be one, dear Lord, to seek a soulBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English3
In a land of sin and doubtBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English6
In the blessed Bible, John fourteen and twoBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
In thy holy temple, O sacred placeB. B. McKinney, Sr. (Author)English4
It is wonderful to know that the Savior cameB. B. McKinney (Author)English2
It's the only message God has givenB. B. McK. (Author)English2
Jesus is calling you o'er and o'erBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
Jesus is coming to claim his own (McKinney)Baylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Jesus is standing at your heart's doorB. B. McKinney (Author(sts. 1-4))English8
Jesus is the Sunshine of my heartBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English3
Jesus keeps forever, I shall not be movedBaylus B. McKinney (Arranger)English2
Keep a glad song singing in your heart each dayB. B. McKinney (Author)English2
Keep on praying till you pray it throughB. B. McKinney (Author)English6
Lead on, O King of glory, We will follow, follow TheeB. B. McK. (Author)English4
Let me linger near the SaviorBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Let me travel the road, the road of lifeB. B. McK. (Adaptor)1
Lift up your eyes to the lost in sinBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
List to the voice of the Savior coming from heaven aboveBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English12
Living for Jesus, Savior and KingBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
Lord, lay some soul upon my heartB. B. McKinney (Author)English7
Lord, send a revival, Lord, send a revivalBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
Love found its way to my sin burdened soulB. B. McK. (Author)English3
Love led my Savior from glory landB. B. McK. (Author)English3
Majaribu ni mengi yanayotujiliaB. B. McKinney (Alterer)Swahili1
Man of sorrows, kneeling downBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
Mándanos lluvias de bendiciónB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish4
Many souls are sinking neath the angry wavesBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
My God, my Father, while I strayB. B. McK. (Author (Chorus))English1
My ship is sailing o'er the seaBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
My sins are forgiven by God aboveBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
My soul was once in bondageBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Nations are sinking in darkest despairBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Neath the stars of the nightBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English21
No more toil in the homelandB. B. McK. (Author)English2
O for a gracious revivalBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
O hear ye the trumpet callBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
O repears in life's harvest fieldBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
O soul far away from the beautiful foldBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
O the judgment day is coming, What an awful day 'twill beBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English8
O to live the crucified lifeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
O what a blessed Christ is mineBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English4
¡Oh bendito Rey divino!B. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish6
O, come, all ye that labor, O, come, ye weary and opprestB. B. McKinney (Author)English2
Oh Salvador, yo puedo oírB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish3
¡Oh, Santo Espíritu de Dios! Unge mi corazónB. B. McKinney (Adapter)Spanish3
"Oh, toma a cruz e segue-me!" Jesus me disse assimBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)Portuguese2
Oh, vive em mim, Consolador!Baylus Benjamin McKinney (Adapter)Portuguese2
On a hill lone and gray, In a land far awayBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
On the sea of life, 'mid the storm and strifeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English4
Once I was lost, without a SaviorBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)4
Out in the darkness of sorrow and sinB. B. McK. (Author)English2
Out of James one twenty two, Comes a call for Juniors trueB. B. McKinney (Author)English3
Out of the golden palacesB. B. McK. (Author)English3
Over the line, Over the lineB. B. McKinney (Author)English2
Pasando por el mundo cruelB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish2
¡Qué placer al andar por la sendaB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish2
Rejoice, rejoice in Christ the SaviorB. B. McK. (Author)English8
Rindo a ti, Señor, mi pobre serB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish3
Salvador, nós te adoramosBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Saved from the uttermost depths of despairBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
Send a great revival in my soulB. B. McKinney (Author)English8
Send a revival, O Christ, my LordBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English20
Serve the Lord with gladness, In our works and waysB. B. McKinney (Author)English20
Sing Hosanna to the living KingBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Smile when your heart is all troubledBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English10
Soldiers in the army of the King divineBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Some morning the clouds will pass awayBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus, Speak that my soul may hearB. B. McKinney (Author)English22
Take me O Lord, I now can seeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English10
"Take up thy cross and follow me." I heard my Master sayB. B. McKinney (Author)English40
Take up thy cross the Savior said, Come and my disciple beBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English3
Tarry ye hereB. B. McK. (Author)English2
Ten fe en Dios, cuando estás abatidoB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish3
Thanks be to God for life and lightBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
The mercy of God is an ocean divineB. B. McKinney (Author)English1
The question cometh o'er and o'erBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)4
The redeemed are waiting for the sunriseB. B. McK. (Author)English3
The Savior who suffered and died on the crossBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
The Savior is calling you to His foldB. B. McK. (Author)English3
The spirit of Jesus bears witness with mineB. B. McK. (Author)English2
The story of Jesus is precious and sweetB. B. McKinney (Author)2
There is a city made by GodB. B. McK. (Author)1
There is a happy, happy placeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
There is joy divine, in this heart of mineBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
There is joy in my heart as I journeyB. B. McK. (Author)English9
There is power in the blood of the dear Lamb of GodB. B. McK. (Author)English2
There's a city bright and fair, over yonderBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
There's a cleft in the Rock, there's a hidingBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
There's a trumpet call from the throne of GodBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
There's an old, old road by an old, old crossBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)7
There's music in heaven, I knowBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
They crucified my Lord one dayBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
This is the question that you must faceB. B. McK. (Author)English4
Though the stormy clouds may hover over meB. B. McK. (Author)English5
Though waves of trouble round me rollB. B. McK. (Author)2
Though earthly friends may fail youBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Though the dark clouds roll, Over your troubled soulBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English6
Though the tides may sweep o'er the angry deepBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
Though you are burdened with sorrow and careBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
To thee, O Christ, I comeBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
To you the dear Savior has called againBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Trials dark on every hand, and we cannot understandBaylus B. McKinney (Author (stanza 2))English4
True joy the Savior will impartBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
"Tu cruz hoy toma y ven tras mí"B. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish4
Una noche de luzBaylus McKinney (Author)Spanish2
Ven que el Maestro te llamaB. B. McKinney (Author)Spanish3
We are traveling day by dayB. B. McKinney (Author)English2
What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bearB. B. McK. (Author (Chorus))English1
When Jesus forgives He forgetsB. B. McK. (Author)English3
When Moses and the IsraelitesB. B. McKinney (Adapter)English2
When my bark is cast in a stormy blastBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English2
When my heart is filled with sadnessBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
When my soul was lost in the blight of sinB. B. McK. (Author)English2
When rough is my journey and heavy the loadBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)4
When the dark shadows come over youBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)English15
When the morning light is dawningBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
O when the saints go marching inB. B. McKinney (Author)English3
When you are burdened with toil and careBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
When you are weary and sore oppressedB. B. McK. (Author)English15
Whene'er my cross is heavyBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
While passing through this world of sinB. B. McK. (Author)English32
Who made the beautiful rainbowBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)3
Wonderful grace of our SaviorBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)2
Wonderful words of the MasterBaylus Benjamin McKinney (Author)4
主阿,我今俯伏在你前 (Zhǔ ā, wǒ jīn fǔfú zài nǐ qián)B. B. McKinney (Author)Chinese2

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