James McGranahan

James McGranahan
Short Name: James McGranahan
Full Name: McGranahan, James, 1840-1907
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1907

James McGranahan USA 1840-1907. Born at West Fallowfield, PA, uncle of Hugh McGranahan, and son of a farmer, he farmed during boyhood. Due to his love of music his father let him attend singing school, where he learned to play the bass viol. At age 19 he organized his first singing class and soon became a popular teacher in his area of the state. He became a noted musician and hymns composer. His father was reluctant to let him pursue this career, but he soon made enough money doing it that he was able to hire a replacement farmhand to help his father while he studied music. His father, a wise man, soon realized how his son was being used by God to win souls through his music. He entered the Normal Music School at Genesco, NY, under William B Bradbury in 1861-62. He met Miss Addie Vickery there. They married in 1863, and were very close to each other their whole marriage, but had no children. She was also a musician and hymnwriter in her own right. For a time he held a postmaster’s job in Rome, PA. In 1875 he worked for three years as a teacher and director at Dr. Root’s Normal Music Institute. He because well-known and successful as a result, and his work attracted much attention. He had a rare tenor voice, and was told he should train for the operatic stage. It was a dazzling prospect, but his friend, Philip Bliss, who had given his wondrous voice to the service of song for Christ for more than a decade, urged him to do the same. Preparing to go on a Christmas vacation with his wife, Bliss wrote McGranahan a letter about it, which McGranahan discussed with his friend Major Whittle. Those two met in person for the first time at Ashtubula, OH, both trying to retrieve the bodies of the Bliss’s, who died in a bridge-failed train wreck. Whittle thought upon meeting McGranahan, that here is the man Bliss has chosen to replace him in evangelism. The men returned to Chicago together and prayed about the matter. McGranahan gave up his post office job and the world gained a sweet gospel singer/composer as a result. McGranahan and his wife, and Major Whittle worked together for 11 years evangelizing in the U.S., Great Britain, and Ireland. They made two visits to the United Kingdom, in 1880 and 1883, the latter associated with Dwight Moody and Ira Sankey evangelistic work. McGranahan pioneered use of the male choir in gospel song. While holding meetings in Worcester, MA, he found himself with a choir of only male voices. Resourcefully, he quickly adapted the music to those voices and continued with the meetings. The music was powerful and started what is known as male choir and quartet music. Music he published included: “The choice”, “Harvest of song”, “Gospel Choir”,, “Gospel hymns #3,#4, #5, #6” (with Sankey and Stebbins), “Songs of the gospel”, and “Male chorus book”. The latter three were issued in England. In 1887 McGranahan’s health compelled him to give up active work in evangelism. He then built a beautiful home, Maplehurst, among friends at Kinsman, OH, and settled down to the composition of music, which would become an extension of his evangelistic work. Though his health limited his hours, of productivity, some of his best hymns were written during these days. McGranahan was a most lovable, gentle, modest, unassuming, gentleman, and a refined and cultured Christian. He loved good fellowship, and often treated guests to the most delightful social feast. He died of diabetes at Kinsman, OH, and went home to be with his Savior.

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James McGranahan was a nineteenth-century American musician and composer, most known for his various hymns. He was born 4 July 1840, in West Fallowfield or Adamsville, Pennsylvania, and died 9 July 1907 at his home in Kinsman, Ohio. The music of his hymn "My Redeemer," written for lyrics by P. P. Bliss, is used as the accompaniment for the Latter-day Saints hymn "O My Father."

Texts by James McGranahan (46)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A guilty soul, by Pharisees of oldG. M. J. (Author)English7
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallJ. McG. (Author (refrain))English2
All power is given unto me, All power is given unto meJames McGranahan (Author)English5
Are you coming home tonight (Chorus)James McGranahan (Author)English1
Are you coming home, ye wanderersS. M. J. (Author)English8
Complete in Thee, no work of mineJ. M. G. (Author (Chorus))English2
Eis multidões que, em trevas tão medonhasJames McGranahan (Author)Portuguese2
El Salvador Jesús por mí muríoJames McGranahan (Author)Spanish2
Er dig syndebyrden svær?James McGranahan (Author)Norwegian2
Far, far away, in heathen darkness dwellingJames McGranahan (Author)English86
Francas las puertas encontraránJames McGranahan (Author)Spanish2
God loved a world of sinners, For them He gave His SonG. M. J. (Author)English6
God's law is perfect, and convertsJames McGranahan (Author)English5
Have our hearts grown cold since the days of old?G. M. J. (Author)English5
Hear the blessed invitation, Come, come, comeG. M. J. (Author)English4
Ho reapers in the whitened harvestJames McGranahan (Author)English15
In weiter Ferne sehen wir MillionenJames McGranahan (Author)German1
Infinite God, how great Thou artJ. M. G. (Alterer)English1
Jemand wird gehen durch's PerlenthorJames McGranahan (Author)German1
Kehrst du heute heimwärts, WandrerJames McGranahan (Author)German1
Larg larg në vende t’err’ta në k’të botëJames McGranahan (Author)Albanian2
Lejos están viviendo en el pecadoJames McGranahan (Author)Spanish3
Like wandering sheep over mountains coldG. M. J. (Author)English17
Ni Mwokozi aliyenifia James McGranahan (Author)Swahili1
Nogen vil gaa gjennem himlens portG. M. J. (Author)Norwegian2
O golden day, O day of GodG. M. J. (Author)English8
O, goldner Tag, O, FreudentagJames McGranahan (Author)German1
O hvilken Frelser, som for mig erJames McGranahan (Author)2
O listen to our wondrous storyJ. M. G. (Alterer)English3
O what a Savior, that he died for meG. M. J. (Author)English46
O where are you going, my brotherJ. M. (Author)1
On life's wild and stormy ocean, Sinking 'neath the wavesJames McGranahan, alt. (Author)English2
One day the Shepherd passed, and turning, saidJames McGranahan (Author)English1
Puertas abiertas encontraránJames McGranahan (Author)Spanish2
Rejoice in the Lord, O let His mercy cheerJames McGranahan (Author)English10
Sinners Jesus will receiveJames McGranahan (Arranged by)English2
Someone will enter the pearly gateG. M. J. (Author)English47
Sweetly sound the words of JesusJ. M. G. (Author)English5
The statutes of the Lord are rightJames McGranahan (Arranger)1
'Tis a true and faithful sayingJames McGranahan (Author)English1
Two babes were born in the self same townJames McGranahan (Author)English2
Ved los millones que entre las tinieblas vivenJames McGranahan (Author)Spanish3
We are traveling, slowly travelingJames McGranahan (Author)2
Weary gleaner in the field, poor or plenty be the yieldG. M. J. (Author)English6
Weit, weit hinaus, bis in die fersten ZonenJames McGranahan (Author)German2
Wer zieht als Sieger durch's Perlentor?James McGranahan (Author)German3

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