Claudia Faustina Lehman Mays

Short Name: Claudia Faustina Lehman Mays
Full Name: Mays, Claudia Faustina Lehman, 1892-1973
Birth Year: 1892
Death Year: 1973 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Claudia Faustina Lehman Mays (5)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Central's never "busy," always on the line]Claudia F. Lehman (Harmonizer)855351 16646 54424
[I say "Amen" to Jesus, whatever it may be]Claudia F. Lehman (Harmonizer)255333 31764 12355
[The love of God is greater far]Claudia Lehman Mays (Arranged)3311235 65535 53243
[The sea will not always be stormy]Claudia Lehman Mays (Composer)2
[There's no disappointment in heaven] (Lehman)Miss Claudia Lehman (Harmonizer)2213333 23213 55552

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