Graham Maule

Short Name: Graham Maule
Full Name: Maule, Graham, 1958-
Birth Year: 1958
Death Year: 2019 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Graham Maule (81)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Among us and before us, Lord, you standGraham Maule (Author)English3
As if you were not thereGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English2
Be still and know that I am God, Be still and know that I am GodGraham Maule (Author)English1
Before I take the body of my LordGraham Maule (b. 1956) (Author)English7
Before the world beganGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English5
Behold the Lamb of God, Behold the Lamb of GodGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English1
Bread is blessed and brokenGraham Maule (Author)4
Christ has risen while earth slumbersGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)4
Christ's is the world in which we moveGraham Maule, 1958- (Author)English7
Come, Holy Spirit, Descend on usGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English2
Come, Holy Spirit, Gracious heavenly doveGraham Maule (Author)3
Come, Host of Heav'n's high dwelling placeGraham Maule (Author)English3
Come, Lord, be our guest, Find your way among usGraham Maule (Author)English3
Come with me, come wander, come welcome the worldGraham Maule (Author)English2
Darkness and light and all that's known by sightGraham Maule (Author)English2
Don't be afraid. My love is strongerGraham Maule (Author)English, French1
For all the saints who've shown your loveGraham Maule (Author)English4
From the falter of breath, through the silence of deathGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English2
Gentler than air, wilder than windGraham Maule (Author)English2
Glory and gratitude and praiseGraham Maule (Author)English2
Glory to God aboveGraham Maule (Author)English1
Go, silent friend, your life has found its endingGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English2
God beyond gloryGraham Maule (Author)English4
God give us life when all aroundGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)1
God, give us peace that lastsGraham Alexander Maule (Author)2
God, in the planning and purpose of lifeGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English3
God it was who said to AbrahamGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)1
God to enfold youGraham Maule (Author)English2
Hear the bells, how they ringGraham Maule (Author)1
Heaven shall not wait for the poor to lose their patienceGraham Maule (Author)Latin8
Holy forever and ever is GodGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)2
I will always bless the LordGraham Maule (Paraphraser)English1
If the war goes onGraham Maule (Author)2
In a byre near BethlehemGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)1
Inspired by love and anger, disturbed by endless painGraham Maule (Author)8
James and Andrew, Peter and JohnGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English2
Jesus calls us here to meet himGraham Maule (Author)English11
Jesus Christ is waitingGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English9
Jesus Christ, Lord of allGraham Maule (Author)English2
Jesus is risen from the graveGraham Alexander Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English5
Just as a lost and thirsty deerGraham Maule (Paraphraser)English2
Kindle a flame to lighten the darkGraham Maule (Author)English4
Lay down your head, Lord Jesus ChristGraham Maule (Author)3
Lord and lover of creationGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English3
Lord Jesus Christ, lover of allGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English1
[Love One Another] (Bell and Maule)Graham Maule (Author)2
Nears the ending of the dayGraham Maule (Author)English2
Night and morning I make my prayerGraham Maule, 1958- (Author)2
Now the day is doneGraham Maule (Author)2
O Christ, you wept when grief was rawGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English4
Poor folk won't always be forgottenGraham Maule (Author)English2
Praise to the Lord for the joys of the earthGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)2
Praise with joy the world's CreatorGraham Maule, 1958- (Author)English2
Pull back the veil on the dawn of creationGraham Maule, 1958- (Author)English2
Ride on, ride on, the time is rightGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English3
She sits like a bird, brooding on the watersGraham Maule, 1958- (Author)English8
Shooting star and sunset shapeGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English3
Shout for joy! The Lord has let us feastGraham Maule (Author)English5
Since the world was youngGraham Maule (Author)English2
Sing, my soul, when hope is sleepingGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)2
Sing praise to God on mountain topsGraham Alexander Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English3
Sisters and brothers, with one voiceGraham Maule (Author)English2
Take, O take me as I amGraham Maule (Author)English1
Take this moment, sign, and spaceGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)English5
Thank you for the nightGraham Maule (Author)English2
The love of God comes closeGrahm Maule (Author)English5
Through our lives and by our prayersGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)1
To be a soldierGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English1
Today I awake and God is before meGraham Maule (Author)English6
We cannot care for you the way we wantedGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)1
We cannot measure how you healGraham Maule (b. 1958) (Author)11
We rejoice to be God's chosenGraham Maule (Author)English2
We who live by sound and symbolGraham Maule (1958-) (Author)English3
We will lay our burden downGraham Maule (Author)English4
When God Almighty came to earthGraham Maule (Author)English3
When our Lord walked the earthGraham Maule (Author)English2
When trouble strikes and fear takes rootGraham Maule, 1958- (Author)English2
Who is the baby an hour or two oldGraham Maule, 1958- (Author)1
Who would ever have believed itGraham Maule (1958-) (Paraphraser)English2
Who would think that what was neededGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)9
Will you come and follow meGraham Maule, b. 1958 (Author)English13

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