John Caspar Mattes

Short Name: John Caspar Mattes
Full Name: Mattes, John C. (John Caspar), 1876-1948
Birth Year: 1876
Death Year: 1948

Born: November 8, 1876, Easton, Pennsylvania.
Died: January 27, 1948.

Educated at the Theological Seminary at Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mattes pastored in Trenton, New Jersey (1901-15), and Scranton, Pennsylvania (1915-38), and was a professor of theology at Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa (1939-48).

Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
O Spirit of Life

Texts by John Caspar Mattes (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Behold, a Branch is growingJohn Caspar Mattes (Translator (v. 4))English9
Deck thyself with joy and gladnessJohn Caspar Mattes (Translator)English7
Friend of the weary, O refresh usJohn Caspar Mattes (St. 1 a)3
Lo, how a rose e'er bloomingJohn C. Mattes (Translator (st. 5))English11
O Spirit of life, O Spirit of GodJohn C. Mattes (Translator (from German))English13
Smite us not in anger, LordJohn Caspar Mattes (Translator)English4
Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness, Leave the gloomy haunts of sadnessJohn Caspar Mattes (Translator (st. 3))English5
The royal standard forward goesJohn Caspar Mattes (Translator)English1
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